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06-06-2007, 12:15
139: Exalted Champion (MoK, halberd)
244: Exalted champion (MoK, halberd, juggy, regeneration)

295: 10 Chosen Warriors (MoK, halberds, FC)
270: 5 Chosen Knights (MoK)
120: Chariot

96: 6 Flesh Hounds
174: 10 Bloodletters (standard)
160: 10 Bloodletters


06-06-2007, 12:17
Thats what im going to use as soon as i can get another 16 bloodletters. I used a similar list on a test-run the other day and fought a high-powered ogre list to a draw

06-06-2007, 15:07
Perhaps some warhounds to help screen those knights. Against experienced opponents, you might get led around by all that frenzy.

However, the killing power there is pretty incredible. So, if you can catch your opponent, then you should do well.

07-06-2007, 12:17
The list i used the other day was much less powerful and drew against a competative ogre list. The juggy lord with regen did really well, so i do want to keep him for his mobility, but he is rather expensive. Would you pay that much for a hero in 1500 point games?

07-06-2007, 19:11
No probably not. I would probably not pay that much for a hero in a 2k list either. I rarely use a lord choice with Chaos. I find that with marks like khorne, I don't need to worry about ld test so much and the difference in expense is not worth the trade off.

I do have some characters that are more than 240 pts. But usually they are very necessary for a particular army build. For instance, I have a slaanesh lord with bindings of slaanesh and rending sword. It is 341 pts. But it is highly specific character with a very specific and important role. I have a few others like that.

But, in general, I think keeping your character costs down with Chaos is important because most things are so expensive.

Here are some of my favorite Chaos characters.

1) Exalted(undivided) Hero with Helm of Many Eyes & Great Weapon -- 129pts.
2) Tzeetch Wargor BsB with vitriolic totem -- 184 pts.
3) Tzeetch wargor with staff of Darkoth and dispel scroll -- 184 pts.
4) Beastlord of Nurgle with armor of Damnation and rending sword --214 pts.
So what I recomend is that you look at different combos for your heros and determine the cheapest cost/effect ratio that you can for what you want to accomplish.

If you want movement, take horses. If you want combat, take weapons. If you want Both, find a way to keep the cost down and maximise both.

Be Afraid
07-06-2007, 22:47
i have an expensive hero in my khorne army, and he does well, hm and his unit weigh in at over 500 points for 5 modles, but are very hard, against ogres, i get 12 attacks from him + demon. mount and 4 attackes from knights + horses !

overall i think you list is very small, it might be all thise deamons, my 1500 khorne army has exactally 100 modles in it, and includes 2 heros and chosen knights.

08-06-2007, 04:35
.....against ogres.....

the key word here is against Ogres.

if you re fighting them, you wldnt be expecting much maneuvering or baiting your troops, it would be raw power vs power which works best for khorne armies.

against wood elves, VC or any tactical army, a khorne army with only power and no screens is just going to find itself in big trouble.

back to the list.

as a khorne player myself, its obvious i like raw power as well.

but lets put it in this way, your punch might be the strongest in this whole universe, but if it cant hit anything, its useless.

10-06-2007, 15:45
im sorry if i sound a little mean but im a little pissed off at the moment so its not because i am trying to to be rood

i didnt bother to read much but the first thing i said when i saw the list is "where is everything" you will always be outnumbered i mean seriously this low even by caos standerds my 40k BLOOD ARMY ARMY OUTNUMBERSS IT thats just sad i could understand if it was an all knight army but itts not my tomb king army would destroy this list i suggest droping he bloodletters and adding more chaos warriors and marauders

good luck

12-06-2007, 11:27
how would that help the numbers? chaos warriors with full command and Mok are not better value than bloodletters.

12-06-2007, 20:17
wrong, with a army of khorne you need to move fast enough to the troop you have in the front of you, and with just bloodletter you can't your mouvement is not fast enough, I suggest you add more knights, like a ten regiment size. a chariot or two its a good choice to, you only need one hero, the guy with regeneration its a good choice, you can also add chariot, because they cost lest and they give you a dispel dice. the key with a army of khorne is movement!!!

with that good luck

13-06-2007, 04:27
I think that bloodletters are not a wise point investment. But I think that wariors are even worse. Marauders/beastherd for the static CR and knights etc for the shock.

But I really like the bloodletter models and might include them just for style.