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Freak Ona Leash
11-08-2005, 21:50
Hehe, since Freak talks like Snorri, he is going to make rules for Snorri...muahahaha :D Contsructive criticism please mates.

Snorri Nosebiter:Maybe taken as a DoW choice in DoW, Slayer Cult, Dwarf and Empire armies. Counts as a Rare and Hero choice.
Equipment:His hammer and axe.

Special Rules:
Slayer:Snorri is a Slayer and follows all the rules for them.

Nails in his Head:Snorri Nosebiter is extremely tough, even for a Dwarf. In fact, one of his most distinctive features are the three painted nails in his head. To represent this, he gets a 5+ Ward Save.

Whirlwind of Destruction:In battle whilst wielding his hammer and axe, Snorri fights like a mad-man (or is it mad-dwarf?), striking out every which way in an attempt to slay his foes. To reprsent this, every attack of Snorri's that successfully hits gain him another D3 attacks up to a maximum of ten.

Points Value: 250 points.
So, what do you all think?

12-08-2005, 07:25
not sure of the whirlwind part... maybe make it different. that seems to represent the weapon doing more damage than normal.

how about for each attack that hits, he may role to make another, so you say, hit 2 attacks, then you get a bonus one, and if that hits, another bonus one, for a total of 5 hits.

youd want to ive it a cap, say, 8? even ten...

or even a bonus D3, or D6 attacks..

Freak Ona Leash
12-08-2005, 11:46
Ok, fixed it. I think.

16-08-2005, 16:01
Make him 300 points and I think he's worth it. (my stupid cat won't stay still)

Deathmaster Snikch
13-06-2011, 16:53
300 points! Icewalker are you mad (no offence, not a serious comment), 250 points is steep for a slayer, so too make him another 50 points more is ridiculous. Not sure about the whirlwind thing, but I think the ward save is about right.

13-06-2011, 20:58
Simpe question - will he be harder than Gotrek? If the answer is yes then he needs toning down.