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06-06-2007, 20:22
hi all, im reading through the HH books at the moment (slowly, i've only finished the first one so please no spoilers) and decided i wanted to do a luna wolves force. this will be a slow thing as im doing this whilst painting my raven guard and im going to be converting each model.

so onto the details

its going to be all infantry and have very few special/heavy weapons

they are going to have true grit

from what i have read they are a very roman-esque force so all my models will have a gladius style shortsword. sergeants and elite infantry will have a "mohawk" style plume and my leader will have a centurion style plume.

now then to introduce you to my first wip luna wolf

Garviel Loken

sporting a bolter,chainsword and wearing full MKIV plate
i will soon add his (power) gladius and centurion plume along with a small oath of moment


i went for a walking advance look as though he seems to be an observant individual in the books and i wanted that to show here rather than having him look like hes dashing about all over the place.

i know im not the best sculptor soC&C is welcome. let me know if you have any advice or ideas


06-06-2007, 20:26
That is some mighty fine sculpting mate! Good luck the next book is really good and will give you some good ideas! I'll be sure to keep an eye on this thread!

06-06-2007, 21:06

in keeping with the roman-esque theme there is this guy, he is one of my elites so will eventually have a "mohawk plume" but other than that is practically finished.



now i've not read anything about shields being used by the luna wolves but i just thought it would look quite cool to have a unit of them so i did this guy as a test. do you think i should add more to the unit or not?


06-06-2007, 21:08
I'm not sure they would use a shield as their armour can withstand more than the shield, but perhaps a sergeant might carry one? I like the pose so I'd say go for it!

Rogue 7
06-06-2007, 22:08
I'd make it smaller, personally. It blocks out a lot of the miniature, not to mention it doesn't look too Roman from what I can tell (weren't their shields squarish?) Also, why both a chainsword and gladius? Where's his bolter? I'd drop the chainsword for a bolter, just for WYSIWYG's sake.

06-06-2007, 22:15
Roman Shield-

Late Roman-

06-06-2007, 22:22
Just call it a stormshield. Though I would square it off a bit, the picture Astador posted looks a little warped.

http://www.wildfiregames.com/0ad/pages/pictures/scutum.jpg (http://wildfiregames.com/0ad/page.php?p=1599)
That's a little more illustrative.

06-06-2007, 22:25
Haha you must have been posting while I edited with two squared ones and a late-roman era shield! haha.
But yes Storm Shields are what they would be counted as, but the question is, can a veteran squad be equiped with them? I'm without my codex atm.

06-06-2007, 22:32
no they cant unfortunetly. the reason for both the sword and chainsword is that it mentions in the first book loken using a chainsword on the invisibles, and later on in the book he uses a short sword designed for thrusting. and as he was to be a veteran/veteran sergeant i gave him both. the gladius being a reserve/ceremonial weapon.

in games ill probably have him as a sergeant to lead a squad with a power weapon and combat shield

but in the mean time he needs a name



06-06-2007, 22:33
Use him as a company champ

06-06-2007, 22:37
Luthien is right, just give him a holstered Bolt Pistol.