View Full Version : Newbie needs help with his first Fantasy Army

06-06-2007, 21:08
So, I have the orcs from the previous edition basic box, and the goblins from the Battle for Skull Pass. I also have a giant, a catapult, some heroes and fanatics.

So, with what I have, I made this army list, but being my first army for Fantasy..... I could use all the critics and tips that you can bring me :)

And a doubt I have: A friend told me that the goblin heroes count as 1/2 for the heroes limit.... but I can't find in what page of the army book says that... so, it's that true?

some names maybe are bad translated, but I have the army book in spanish..... so sorry for the lame translations :P

1500 (1499) pts:


Black Orc Boss 89pts (Heavy Armor)
Orc Boss 128pts (Boar, Light Armor, Porkstinger of Pork)
Night Goblin boss 47 (Light Armor, Superaxe of Martog)
Night Goblin Shaman 120 (Level 2, Scroll of Dispersion, Magic Fungus)


Night Goblin (20) 80pts (Bow and Hand Weapon, Champion, Musician, Banner Bearer)
Night Goblin (23) 112pts (Spear, shield and Hand Weapon, Champion, Musician, Banner Bearer)
Night Goblin (20) 175pts (Spear, shield and Hand Weapon, Champion, Musician, Banner Bearer, Fanatics x3)
Sylvan Goblins Spider Riders (10) 160pts (Champion, Musician, Banner Bearer)
Ork Warriors (14) 123 pts (Additional Choppa, Champion, Banner Bearer)


Ork Boar Riders (5) 110 pts
Ork Boar Charriot 80 pts
Rock Catapult 70pts


Giant 205pts

My Strategy its to main the principal force with the orc warrior unit, with the two goblin forces flanking to bring support, the goblin archers at some point to be a rock in the shoe of the opponent and the chariot and boar riders for flanking. The black ork boss going with the ork warriors, the boar ork boss with the boar riders, the night goblin boss with the 23 goblins unit, and the shaman in the other goblin unit. The spider riders will flank and attack some warmachine that they can reach, or flank a unit to support the main attack force. The rock catapult will bring support reducing the numbers of the enemy or trying to take care of the enemy warmachines. And the giant it's there to become a bait for the elite troops of the enemy.

Sooooooo being my war knowledge based on history and military tactics rather than wargaming experience, I know that it has his back holes, so any critic, comment or tip it's going to be a bless for me :)