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07-06-2007, 00:31
I was bored and I was wondering why other races in the game don't turn to Chaos?? For example Dark Eldar or like Tau. I was wondering if it was explained somewhere or something. In fantasy there's Chaos Dwarves and Cults of Slaneesh (dark elves of slaneesh). Thanks as always.

07-06-2007, 00:37
Only species contained on a single world could really ever fall to chaos as a whole. The corruption of chaos is too subtle and intricate for an entire galaxy spanning empire to "up and fall to chaos".

The closest thing to it was the eldar, but even then, they weren't chaos worshipers, they were just so psychically attuned that their debauchery spawned a chaos god.

All that said, every species has the occasional enclave or person that turns or gets possessed (even the tau, they're merely resistant).

the Mann
07-06-2007, 00:41
Well, to start off tau have no presence in the warp, and thus aren't corruptable, and the dark eldar still veiw Slaanesh as the great enemy, and use their slaves to placate him/her/it, in a way.

Most other races are easily representable corrupted, using the Lost and the Damned list.

07-06-2007, 00:43
Planets think Planets not Galaxies

Planets are the grains of sand on a beach which is the galaxy

07-06-2007, 00:48
With a little imagination anything can suddenly become a chaos cultist, willingly or unwillingly... There was an inquisator report that claimed they should expend energies destroying the orks after it was discovered one of their worlds had a chaos alter at it. Apparently the orks were altogethor too stupid to tell the difference between Gork, Mork and Nurgle; and so happily worshipped at a Nurgle temple.

As has been said, small groups generally do get corrupted one way or another; but whole groups don't generally turn to chaos. Or else the Imperium sends in Witch Hunters and Demon hunters and it becomes quite a messy affair!

07-06-2007, 00:58
Any race's members can be turned. Not nessessarily an entire race as a whole all at once, but all have members that can be turned.
Look at the tau which most consider to not be corruptable. You dont have to have a warp presence to follow along or serve the members of a chaos god's pantheon. Of course, I even doubt the idea that they dont have a warp presence. If they have souls, they have presence. It might not be much and they might not travel through it, but we have all seen, you dont have to be in the warp to be influanced by it.
Then again, look at the orks. The old stormboys were always made fun of by the older orks for wearing unfiforms, marching in presice ranks and wearing the mark of khorne. Of course, as those young orks matured and left behind thier rebellion years, they left the service of khorne and returned to proper orky ways. This doesnt mean that they cant be permantly turned in other ways though.
The dark elves may offer things to placate Slannesh but look at thier lives and how they live. These things give Slannesh as much pleasure and influance as the offerings.
In my opinion, the closest thing to noncorruptability is the bugs and I can envision they absorbing tainted genetic material and thus being influanced in minor ways. The hive mind woyuld squash any actual "worshiping" though. Likely the influance chaos might have would only be small and temporary as the unstableness of the influance would cause it to be destroyed by the whole as soon as it's instability showed.

07-06-2007, 00:59
How can you even consider it?
Anyway, this whole Greater Good stuff is Chaos in its purest form :evilgrin:
Also do Dark Eldars more or less worship slaanesh by sacrificing souls to it, just like chaos cultists do.
And Khaine is Khorne.
remain... the everhated necrons... who dont die even if they want to, and that's very nurglish.
Orks worship Gork and Mork which are gods and therefore warp entities... so they could be considered chaos gods, too.

07-06-2007, 04:17
Also do Dark Eldars more or less worship slaanesh by sacrificing souls to it, just like chaos cultists do.The Dark Eldar hate Slaanesh just as much as the Craftworld Eldar do. That they sacrifice souls is more a sign of their contempt for other species than it is of worship.

The Chaos gods probably aren't particulary interested in being worshipped by the Tau since it wouldn't generate them any power in the warp. The Tau can still be deceived into fighting on the wrong side though, and their incomprehension of chaos' nature might make them even more susceptible to being manipulated.

Chaos nids aren't gonna happen if they're still connected to the Hive Mind, since the Hive seems to dominate the warp wherever it is.

Chaos orks might be ok, but have a terrible reputation due to some unfortunate White Dwarf pictures.

Chaos Craftworld Eldar... it's unlikely a craftworld would be corrupted, but outcasts & pirates might be vulnerable to temptation by Slaanesh's rivals.

Chaos Kroot - go for it.