View Full Version : I can't take it anymore, my dad is a Noise Marine!

07-06-2007, 00:48
Please mods, something messed up this isn't in the good forum, please delete

Crazy Harborc
07-06-2007, 00:56
:D Okaaayyyyeee......but what's the problem?

IF you have not done it yet......have a talk with your dad about the loudness level of his music. Ask your mom's help. Point out that it's interfering with your ability to study.

LoL.....I'm remembering the night my youngest daughter came upstairs to complain about the loudness of OUR music (it was Dixieland). Pay back is fun.:evilgrin:

07-06-2007, 00:57
"Dad, i respect your love of harp music, but i cannot do homework with the loud noise, could you please take a break when i need to do important things."

failing that lock him up in a cage and burn his music.

07-06-2007, 01:00
Wrong place? The title had me interested, aw. :o

Embrace things and start a noise marine army as it drives you slowly insane? Seems rather apt. :D

Seriously though could just invest in a good set of headphones (It's what I did back where I lived in a block of flats with a fire alarm that went off a few times a week). Or isn't there some cheap padding one can buy to put up against the walls of the room he plays in to insulate the noise? (Might realise you hate it then though!).

*shrug* I still think the Noise Marine thing is the way to go. ;)