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07-06-2007, 12:19
Well I don't normally write battle reports but I found this an enjoyable game, and my first with skaven in a long time.

Krill surveyed his warlord clan contentedly, the light glinting off the jagged piece of warpstone where his left eye used to be. Surely, with the might of clan moulder at his service, crushing this small ogre force would be simple. And did he have a surprise for that irksome warlock engineer.

He twitched as the ground shook, and squeeked involuntarily as a giant lumbered into view, trailed by a huge shaggy beast pulling some kind of stone thrower. Silent at this distance, the catapult let fly. Krill dived for cover behind his second as asharp stuff rained from the air, impaling the unfortunate subordinate.

Krill beckoned to the leader of the eshin troops.
"Your scouts have detected a flanking maveuvre, yes."

"Yesyes, lord, but just small ones, no match for our might."

Krill stood a bit straighter, regaining his composure. If moulder were to get too powerful they could take over his clan, after all.

"Quickick, no threat to the warren can be tolerated. We must counter this new threat." Signalling the majority of his forces, he scurried away.

Due to time constraints my original 2000 point force was cut to 1000, leaving;

Master Moulder, general, great weapon, heavy armour, skavenbrew, leading 7 giant rat packs (50 models in total)
Chieftan, battle standard of burning hatred, leading a unit of 4 rat ogres & packmasters (from behind, of course)
Warlock engineer, dispel scrolls, death globes.
20 clanrats, command group, spears
Rat swarm
10 night runners, slings (just for kicks)

Rather moulder-heavy, but I wanted to try out the first two units, especially the rat ogres with hatred. Feel free to comment on the list (except that I need more skyre - they've been deliberately minimised).
They faced;

One Bruiser, general, and a butcher, leading 3 bulls with a standard
2 * 3 bulls
One Scrap Launcher
One giant (terror tests, not what I wanted to see)

Terrain was light - there was some in the centre, but it didn't affect the battle

The ogres deployed simply the large unit in the centre flanked by the giant on the left and the scrap launcher on the right, the two units of bulls going wide.

The warlock engineer hid on the right flank, wide of the giant rats (this was unfortunate, since they faced the giant as the one unit most likely to fail a terror test), rat ogres in the centre with the clanrats guarding their left, the rat swarm and gutter runners just beyond them. I rolled for skavenbrew, and the giant rats appropriately now hated the enemy, same as the rat-ogres.

Turn 1;

Getting first turn, the skaven edged forwards a bit nervously, the rat ogres trying to avoid a charge by the powerful ogre unit in the centre. On the left flank, the rat swarm scurried forwards quickly, along with the rat ogres, whilst the warlock engineer circled the right, awaiting his chance to gas something.

On the ogre right, 3 bulls advanced towards the nightrunners, while the bruiser stood contemptous in the centre, daring the skaven to advance. He gestured to the scraplauncher which rained death down upon the rat ogres, killing a handler and causing two wounds to a beast.

Turn 2;

Taking the hint, the master moulder drove the rat pack to surge forwards on the right, the rat ogres advancing in the centre, with a gesture sending the rat swarm scurrying in front of the ogres to disrupt their charge. Meanwhile the night runners decided upon a temporary withdrawal, backing off to allow the clanrat spearmen to face down the bulls, injuring the ogres with their slings for the first and only time.

With a challenging roar, the bruiser leapt forwards, landing squarely on top of the seething rat swarm, whilst on the left the giant and the gore bulls charged the rat pack, which turned to flee at the sight of the giant. However, the fleeing rats were confronted by a stony wall of whip-wielding skaven, and turned to fight (re-roll for the master-moulder's beastmaster skill meant I passed both terror and fear, despite not counting without number, which I didn't think applied to giant rats). Not fazed by the hedge of spears, the bulls on the right also charged the clanrats, while the scraplauncher ambled forwards to menace the rat ogres. In the centre, the rat pack was swiftly dispersed, but the overrun move only went 4, leaving the ogre general face to face with his mutant cousins. The clanrat numbers on the left proved to much for the ogres, who turned to flee, but were run down.

On the right the ogre charge smashed into the rats, killing 6, and the giant stared in bemusement at the tiny creatures swarming round his feet, picking one up for a closer look before disposing of it. Eyes crazed, the moulder packmaster cracked their whips, bringing down an ogre and wounding another, who was finished by a mighty blow from their leader (yes, I rolled 5 out of 6 wounding hits for the packmasters, a rather important result since if the rats had caved the giant could have ciorcled round). The remaining ogre turned and fled, but the giant remained oblivious to any threat.

Skaven Turn 3

The banner of burning hatred razed high, the rat ogres smashed into the ogre centre, while the clanrats and night runners backed them up from a safe distance, pinging slingstones off the scraplauncher. Seeing his chance, the warlock engineer swooped in on the left flank, all thoughts of countering the ogre magic forgotten as he primed a death globe and took aim at the giant. With a crack, the device came apart in his hand and he fell to his knees amid a cloud of billowing gas, coughing blood.

In the centre, the rat ogres tore into the ogres furiously, downing one and wounding another despite regeneration (from a spell). The bruiser stropde forward defiantly and headbutted the lead beast, it's eyes crossing before it crumpled in a heap. Inspired, the ogres stood their ground. Nearby, a rat managed to sink it's jaws deep into the giant's food, drawing blood and a roar of pain, accompanied by a swing of a club, squashing four of them. Despite being greatly outnumbered the giant remained unfazed.

Ogre Turn 3

Embarassed at fleeing from such tiny enemies, the lone ogre on the left rallied and turned to menace the warlock engineer, who dispelled the ogre regeneration spell, while the scraplauncher turned to face the clanrat spearmen. In the centre the rat ogres tore into the bulls with redoubled vigour, finishing off the unit and splintering the standard with a great swipe of a claw (once again I had a good combat round at the right time, causing 6 wounds, 3 of which were wasted). Despite slaying a further beast, the ogre leaders were unable to stand before the bestial fury and were run down. On the left the giant, dismayed by the persistent numbers swarming around it, let out a great battle cry (yell and bawl, just what I didn't want - the master moulder with the great weapon can't attack, and I test on leadership 4, since I wasn't applying without number to the rat pack) and the rats fled in terror, carrying their furious master before them in a great tide.

Turn 4

By the simple expedient of throwing them over his shoulder, the master moulder managed to get the giant rats to turn and face the giant. Sneering his contempt of the slow, cumbersome lone ogre, the warlock engineer circled round, hurling a poison globe, just as his arm strength gave out due to the poison already in his system. The device pitched into the ground a mere foot away and once again he was engulfed in vile green smoke, although he remained standing. Scenting a chance for glory, the night runnersran at the giant throwing slingstone after slingstone to no avail, while the clanrat spears swarmed over the scraplauncer, the rhinox forced to retreat into the waiting jaws of the rat ogres.

The giant charged, shaking the ground, and the rats immediately turned tail again (another yell and bawl, just what I wanted...), this time being unable to escape a general rout.

Krill smiled. The ogre army was obliterated, and with the moulder leader dead those remaining of that clan would be far more malleable. The skyre representative had survived the sabotage, but there was always clan eshin. A stirring among the pile of dead rats reminded him that the giant was still at large, but such creatures tended to get bored and wander off...

08-06-2007, 06:25
Good battle! I wish the night runners had more success with their slings.

08-06-2007, 08:01
Nice report, well writen with narative but not too long winded.

Shame about "Yell and Bawl" on the second round of combat with the Giant, have to hate those Giants.

Thanks for the report.

08-06-2007, 09:25
Congratulations with the win and the nice written report, it was fun to read :)

04-07-2007, 07:08
Nice Report although the Ogre army seems not legit, with a Scrap Launcher and not taking a unit of Gnoblars.

11-07-2007, 13:13

Although the BSB helps the rat ogres with hatred, isn't it a pain that he slows them down (as he's only movement 5) ?

Great report though, it was a nice read.



12-07-2007, 08:55
Being slowed by 1" isn't such a problem, since they're normally behind a faster screening unit to avoid getting charged. I think they can still charge 12" anyway (they could under the old rules for mixed movement rates). And hatred on 12 S5 attacks is pretty big :). If I really want them to go fast I suppose I can always set him up in another unit.

Although they have cause some rules issues - what happens if the banner of burning hatred makes them move as fast as they can towards the nearest enemy if a screening unit is in the way?

Both armies were put together in a bit of a hurry so it wouldn't be a great surprise if the ogres weren't fully legit. Or there were some gnoblars, but I've forgotten about them :).