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07-06-2007, 16:24
I'm thinking of building a force of Arthurian Bretonnians, from the novel "Morte D'arthur". My other inspiration is from a Richard III film, and traditional "medieval" armies.

I am aiming for 2K, bu I keep overshooting the points limits by a serious degree. The army is a mix of Peasants and Knights, and must have a unit of Questing Knights.

Now, there must be a way to make this work, can anyone give me advice on structuring the force? I love the idea of a line of peasants supporting the Knights, with hails of arrows raining down.

Any ideas on a rough structure?

07-06-2007, 19:57
I'd definatly use Grail Knights... the rest being knights, yeowmen and archers.

3x 16 archers

2x5 yeowmen

5Grail knights

Crazy Harborc
08-06-2007, 00:56
Why not have more than 2000 points worth of troops to choose from? One of the best perks of wargaming is having more than enough to choose from. By being able to vary your army battle to battle.....you just may increase your chances of winning. Certainly you can enjoy playing more when it's NOT the very same troops EVERY battle.

10-06-2007, 15:34
this is what i think you should use
2 damsels
20 bowmen
2 units of 20-25 men at arms
9questing knights
10grail knights
2006 with standerd upgrades and nescesary magic items

10-06-2007, 15:37
o crap i forgot the pegasi
just drop the men at rms for it

The Anarchist
10-06-2007, 18:24
i think if your going to do anything Aurthorian based you definatly need some sort of Paladin with the Virtue of Mausilion. its just so Lancelot.

also if going purly fluff and Aurthorian is a trebuchet or even pegasus nights realy got any place in the list?

11-06-2007, 22:24
I wasn't going to take a Trebuchet as I feel that it's too vulnerable in the force - enemy light cavalry/flyers have a somewhat expensive target (when a unit of Harpies is 65 points, the cost of a Trebuchet [that will die] is high).

Pegasi I am unsure on. I am wondering if the Mounted Yeomen will be able to fulfill their role (attacking war machines, harrying flanks). Shields + musician being the only unit upgrades (so as to have SOME armour at least, and yet still be Cav.)

I might hold off on Lancelot etc until games larger than 2K (just because the cost of so many heroes is 1) exorbitant and 2) more than the 5 allowed). In larger games, I can also take many bowmen - expanding any 2K force I build with more bowmen, a new Paladin and another Knight unit.

But first I need the 2K, and having got my army book back, it will follow shortly.


Ok, here is my 2,000 point Army List done properly now that I've got my book back, and been able to read a bit more of it.


Bretonnian Lord: Sword of the Quest, Enchanted Shield, Heavy Armour, Barded Bretonnian Warhorse, Gauntlet of the Duel, Questing Vow & Virtue of Audacity.
243 (Army General)


Paladin: Hand Weapon, Biting Blade, Heavy Armour, Knight's Vow & Virtue of Empathy.
80 (Battle Standard Bearer)

Damsel of the Lady: Chalice of Malfleur, Dispel Scroll.

Damsel of the Lady: Level 2, Silver Mirror.


24 Men-At-Arms: Pole Weapons & Full Command.

24 Men-At-Arms: Pole Weapons & Full Command.

24 Men-At-Arms: Pole Weapons & Full Command.

10 Peasant Bowmen: Braziers.

10 Peasant Bowmen: Braziers.

9 Knights of the Realm: Full Command.

6 Knights Errant: Cavalier.

6 Knights Errant: Cavalier.


8 Questing Knights: Full Command & Banner of Chalons.

6 Mounted Yeomen: Musician.

1998 (2)

Bowmen on Flanks, Peasant blocks advance, with Errants in support, Questers (+ Lord) and KotR flanks the enemy at the right moment.

Theory with Damsels: Level 1 gets a Scroll to stop a nasty spell, as does the L.2 with Mirror. Then, the L1 helps by (usually) contributing an extra dispel dice, and the L2 gives a few too - and can blast off an extra spell that might (once in a while) be worth it. Is there any merit to this thinking, or should I go completely "caddy" (although it might be nice to have more than 2 spells to cast in the entire game - higher chance of getting one off)?

Not sure on the Lord in his current state. He is designed to cleave through RnF and also enemy characters as the opportunity arises (choosing 2x Handed or 1x Handed as appropriate). With this in mind, should I keep the Virtue of Audacity (good in some situations - but are there many Str 5 'regulars'?), or swap it for either Purity (protection) or Confidence (better in a challenge)?

Or, the "beastie slayer" variant of Sword of Heroes, Lance, Armour of Agilulf, Barded Warhorse, Dragon's Claw. Knight's Vow & Virtue of Discipline at 237 points (a little cheaper, but less useful perhaps)?

Overall, what do people think? Am willing to make changes to this (hence posting a list up), but I like the idea of peasant blocks.

Crazy Harborc
12-06-2007, 00:23
It's an excellent idea to have more than just enough goodies to field ONE version of a roster. Always using the exact same units/troops/characters for every battle gives your opponents a big plus.....They will know what you will have on the battlefield. Then it will be easier for them to know what to use against your army.;)

12-06-2007, 21:19
Eventually I will go to 3K, and so will have enough models to chop n change, but for now I want to have a list to work towards to buy miniatures - I currently own none.

So what do people think of the list I posted above?

12-06-2007, 23:01
Virtue of Duty + Warbanner is a proven combination on a BSB = +3CR. Also, if the Lord and BSB are going in the unit of KotR you can drop 2 to keep the lance formation (or add another knight).

13-06-2007, 03:22
Why take the Sword of the Quest on a mounted character? Why not take Sword of Might for the +1S (mounted greatweapon) while not striking last?

13-06-2007, 06:11
@ Zakk_wylde: BSB is going in a unit of Peasants, as I need something to keep the rabble in line, and means I should have a 4/5+ Combat Res. against most opponents thanks to the size of the units. As he is on foot, I forsook a Magic Banner to improve his hitting power a little - I don't want to end up in a challenge, but might as well make the best of it. I guess I COULD alter this for a Warbanner, but the Virtue of Empathy has to stay (so he can help the Peasants, and be afoot).

@highborn: It's not just for the strength, it's for the other nifty rule that it comes with too, that makes it rather potent. Str5 makes it fairly easy to wound other man-sized models, adn the second rule finishes them off (usually).

Thanks for your thoughts.

Be Afraid
13-06-2007, 06:37
is biting blade really needed ?!?

also, wasn't there a rule on paladins have to be mounted, or am i being dense ?

14-06-2007, 06:10
they can take take the virtue of empathy which lets them go on foot and join units with the peasents vow.

why don't you have loads of units of bowmen and one kickass unit of grail knights with your general. the knights of the round table.