View Full Version : Need advice on chaos warrior options

07-06-2007, 17:59
As i was assembling warriors for my chaos army last night i almost put the left hand in the right hand spot. This gave me a thought. on using 2 weapon warriors instead of shield users. So i came to the following question that i cant seem to resolve with my limited game experience.

Knowing nothing but the stats of the following, which would be a better loadout for my warriors.
Block of 15 Chosen with 2 hand weapons, full command and MoT
Block of 20, full command, shields and MoT

I realise the chosen will cost more, but im not worried about that, only their usefullness in my army.

That Guy
07-06-2007, 18:14
It really depends on what you want them to do in your army. If you want them to be the mainstay (generally not considered a good idea) you need the shields for resilience. If you want them to hit really hard like Chaos Warriors are meant to, give 'em the extra hand weapons.

Honestly, I'd never take the Chosen upgrade for infantry. They're too slow. But two units of ten Warriors with two hand weapons supporting big blocks of Marauders or screened my beastherds.......they can dish out nasty amounts of hurt.

07-06-2007, 18:22
Ive been running 30 warriors with sheilds in 1k games (3 units = easy painting, since im lazy) and tbh, they do didly. Always becoming little more than guards for my sorcerers and distractions so my 2 spawn can go mental.

Not once have the warriors ever broke a unit, usualy get too few attacks, so i will be watching this ;)