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guardian angel
07-06-2007, 20:54
Having taken on board some of the comments made about my previous list do you think this one is better? Also would it be competitive against most armies as it doesn't have like a steam tank etc?


Arch lec+gw+arm of met iron+van horst spec=186 (goes with swordsmen)


Captain(BSB)+full plate+barbed horse+sword of might+white cloak (goes with the greatswords)=147


Wizard+lvl2+rod of power=130


25 swordsmen+FC=175
9 halberdiers (detach for swordsmen)=45
25 Spearmen+shields+FC=170
9 halberdiers (detach for spearmen)=45
10 crossbowmen=80
6 knights+FC=178
10 free company (detach for greatswords)=50


5 outriders+musician=113
20 greatswords+FC=230


6 fast cav(DOW)+shields+spears+musician=99 (this unit may change!)


07-06-2007, 21:35
Overall okay. As you may know I can't stand the Sigmarites but if you want Mr. Archie for your general it's fine.

One housekeeping issue: you have your free company detachment listed under core. They are not a 'unit' per se but merely an upgrade of the greatsword unit. Not really relevant as you have plenty of core to meet the minimum requirement.

I'd be tempted to make the crossbows a detachment to one of the infantry blocks as well.

(Opinion alert, no influence on playability)
From a flavor standpoint, I find free company objectionable as a detachment for the elite greatswords. These well paid and trained warriors deserve similarly well trained and ordered detachments (swordsmen, halbards, or missile).

Lastly the DoW light cav are not my favorite but may suffice. I'd be very tempted to drop to 1 cannon and pick up 5 pistoliers in their stead. This unit is ideally suited to accompany your knights to provide some flanking supporting charges.

guardian angel
08-06-2007, 10:34
Thanks for your thoughts. I think the arch lector is worth the points as he benifits the army more through bound spells,extra dispel dice,hatred etc than the others but after playing a while I may change my mind.

I get what your saying about the greatswords and free company, I just think the free company compliment the greatswords as they pile out a lot more attacks at a lower strength. i know fluff wise it's maybe not the best!

As for the cannons, really want to keep 2 and the crossbows as dedicated missile units. If the DOW fast cav dont work I may just take 10 flagellants for fun!

08-06-2007, 16:49
Sounds fine.

My objection to warrior priests and flagellants stems from playing Empire for ~20 years. Empire used to be the organized military of humankind while Brettonians had the more Arthurian 'Holy Quest' feel.

I much prefer Eisenhower or MacArthur leading my troops rather than a Jerry Falwell or Jim Baker. Each has their place in society but I view MY Empire army as a military rather than a crusade.

The arch lector certainly offers a lot of capability on the field, I just don't want him in my army.

Likewise free company are fantastic and provide 2 attacks each for very few points. Again, I just don't think they have the right to accompany such fine warriors as the greatswords.

It's purely a flavor thing and the 6th and 7th ed. Empire has moved more into the Sigmarite realm. Fortunately for me I can still play a military version using grandmasters, empire generals and the like.