View Full Version : 1000pts Empire

08-06-2007, 01:13
This is an unorthidox group... more Chaotic neutral then anything.

Warrior Preist- (hw,sheild,warhorse) VH spec = 140
Battle Mage- (lv2,horse) Wiz staff- 120
Battle Mage- (lv2, horse) d scroll- 160

7 knights (muss,stan) warbanner =209

16 Handgunners = 128

5 pistoliers (mus,outrider)= 114
5 pistoliers (mus, outrider)= 114

How do you think I would do? I haven't played in a log time (played skaven lots back in the day)


08-06-2007, 19:36
Fundamentally playable. I presume the WP joins the knights and so I'd go ahead and put barding on his warhorse for the extra save since the movement isn't really relevant.

I'd look long and hard and two changes.

The knights are too big or too small. At 7 + 1 character you're too unwieldy to go 1x8 and there's little advantage to two guys hanging off the back. Alternatively bumping up to 9 + character at least offers you a (stupidly expensive) rank bonus.

The handgunners just don't fit in an otherwise 'all cav' list. I'd be tempted to juggle points and come up with something like this:
2 5-6 man units of knights
1 unit of pistoliers
1 unit of outriders

This preserves the 'all cav', still meets the min core requirements and the outriders can pump out as much fire as the handgunner unit in addition to actually being able to move a reasonable distance when called to.