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08-06-2007, 09:17
I'm having heaps of fun with this list these days. I expect the chosen knights eggs-in-one-basket to be frowned upon by some, but they work within the theme. I don't ahve the point costs herer at work but here goes:

- General: Exhalted champ w berserkseblade in chariot
- Exhalted on jugger with MoK and Axe of Khorne (he's probaly out in favour of a beastherd led by wargor)

- 6, yes six Chosen Knights of Slaanesh
Chosen, full command rapt. banner.
- 4 Khorne knights
- 4 Khorne knights
- 5 mounted marauders
flails, musc
- 6 mounted marauders
throwing axes, musc
- 5 warhounds
- 5 warhounds
- Chaos chariot

- 6 furies
- 5 Mounted daemonettes
- 5 Mounted daemonettes

- 1 chaos spawn, fiend of slaanesh

Any feedback?



08-06-2007, 12:21
looks good
why dont u run the 6 man unit as khorne theyre even meaner

08-06-2007, 12:34
Because I love the rapt. banner and that makes the unit work as an anvil unit within the mounted/fast theme. Oh, and they're painted up as slaanesh knights ;) Seriously, I find that the banner gives the unit some serious staying power, even if I fumble those to hit and wound rolls (which always happens when you need the unit to work the most).