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08-06-2007, 15:48
I've broken the army down into three groups: Long Range, the Hammer, & the Anvil:

Saruman the White
3x Uruk-Hai Scouts w/ bows

6x Uruk-Hai w/ Swords and Shields
6x Uruk-Hai w/ Pikes

1x Cave Troll w/ Chain
4x Uruk-Hai w/ Swords and Shields

= 502 points

The first group consists of Saruman and the 3 scouts w/ bows. The main aim of this unit is to 1st soften up the stronger enemy units before contact is made. Afterwards, they will be used to pick off supporting or other long range units and provide rear support to my offensive units (so Saruman's powers will be in range but out of direct combat).

The second group is my hammer- Lurtz and his bodguard of 12 Uruk Warriors. They will split to the opposite side of the board from my Anvil unit in an attempt to catch the largest enemy unit in between the two of them. I'll most likely bury Lurtz in the middle of the group for protection unleashing him into my enemy right before contact is made.

The third group is my anvil- the Cave Troll and his shield of 4 Uruks. Same intent here in protecting my troll until I can send him off into the enemy troops by putting a wall of warriors in front of him to lead the way.

So, how well do you think this plan will work? I know scenerio and terrain placement will have a vote in its success, but just curious if this looks like a good setup to begin with? It's been a few months since I've played, and there's a tourney going on tomorrow, so I'd like to be able to give a good, competitive game.

09-06-2007, 17:08

your list lacks numbers and why did you get a cave troll.
firsty saruman is a waste of points and so is lurtz, instead of them get 2 captains with heavy armour and sheilds then replace the pikemen with orcs with spears because the pikemen wont get much chance to support 3 deep and orcs are cheaper
secondly why you have a cave troll is beyond me why didnt you get an isengard troll it is so much better and you could of at least got some berserkers or feral uruks

based on that advice i gave you i have made an army list to guide you

2 uruk captains w/sheilds and heavy armour

isengard troll

5 uruk berserkers

10 orcs w/ spears

3 uruk crossbowmen

10 uruks w/ sheilds 493pts

09-06-2007, 17:38
Or drop the troll, take more crossbowmen and uruks/orcs. You can get about 42 figures in under that configuration.

With Uruks and crossbows, it is rarely disadvantageous to not take as many crossbows as possible.

I wouldn't say that Saruman is a waste of points, just that in this army, he is too many points, and thus the figure count is too few.

09-06-2007, 18:21
Part of my list's configuration is dictated by what I own ;)

I can add more troops (sword and shield or pikemen) however, since I do own more of them. No Isengard Troll, so a plain one is all I have. No crossbowmen either, so that's a no go. I do have one other captain model, so I could drop Saruman in favor of more troops, but that'd change the tactics or the army at that rate.

So, a crap list altogether. Lovely.

09-06-2007, 21:08
it's not that bad, it packs quite a punch
but a) you'll get outshot, b) any player worth his salt will easily take it out

first off, get as many Uruk-Hai with shields as possible. they're one of the best Warriors in the game

secondly, Orcs would be a big help: they're cheap and are great at supporting your fewer Uruk-Hai

thirdly, on heroes, Saruman is very expensive for 500 points. lurtz isn't very good I'm afraid, unless you have no other option. regular Captains are great, especially at 500 points

regular Trolls aren't allowed in Isengard armies according to Legions, although I'm sure many opponents won't mind