View Full Version : ideas for new army

08-06-2007, 15:56
ok im thinking of making a new army and i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions i have finished a lizy army but have'nt realy played against many armies apart from dwarves i just thought people may have some advice on which army would be most enjoyable to use but also competitive at the same time as i am going to be going to some tournements as soon as the army is made!

08-06-2007, 16:11
which models do you like? what background? Go with what you think looks cool and we can work on how to make it most effective.

DarkLord Of Naggaroth
08-06-2007, 16:35
sorry but this is in the wrong forum

08-06-2007, 19:36
I think the giant models look awesome and the dragons all look amazing
i reckon the bloodthirster is the best model out there at the moment