View Full Version : Newbie Slaanesh fast list

08-06-2007, 20:52
Exalted Daemon- MOS, LVL 2, Blade of the Ether, Master of Mortals= 380

Exalted Champ- MOS, Great Weapon, Steed= 142

Sorcerer- MOS, Steed, LVL 2, Dispell Scroll= 161

12 Chaos Knights- MOS, Full Command= 466

5 Marauder Horseman= 65

5 Marauder Horseman= 65

6 Centigor- Full Command= 137

12 Mounted Daemonettes= 360

6 Furies= 90

Hellcannon= 270

08-06-2007, 21:12
You want the exaulted champ with a great weapon to have a halbeard or a flail,a great weapon while mounted is just a strike last halbeard.
No point wasting in7.

The mounted daemonettes would be better in 2 units of 6,as they are fast cavalry so dont get rank bonuses.

The knights would be better in 2 units of 6 as well.

Looks pretty solid otherwise.

08-06-2007, 21:16
Just a few thoughts. Overall the direction you're going is fine.

The HUGE unit of knights needs to be split into 2 smaller units. 5-6 chosen Slaaneshi knights with the rapturous standard is more than a match for anything they run into. Splitting the units gives you a lot more tactical flexibility. Given it's Slaanesh, I'd stick with units of 6 for theme.

You're a bit overloaded for special choices. I'd consider dropping the centigors to free up a slot to devide the mounted demonettes into 2 units of 6, again for tactical flexibility. Sure US 24 fear causers with a 20" charge sounds spiffy but maneuvering that huge block will be a challenge and with mounted demonettes, anything not in the fighting rank is a waste.

Also not really sure that the hellcannon really fits the flavor of what you're going for. Having it sit back and lob nastiness at the enemy while the rest of your army sweeps forward is fine but the poor thing might feel lonely back there in your deployment zone...

For fewer points a giant would probably fit as well or better.