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12-08-2005, 11:46
i had a thought last night about my friend who fields tau. he does like his tau helpers, but he cannot really field an army of them.

so i had a thought about a tau helper commander.

basically, he's an experienced guardsmen who has offered his help to the tau and his knowledge of imperial tactics and maneuvers had earnt him the trust of his tau colleagues, who have given him a position of high authority.

basically i was thinking of a imperial senior officer, with 50 points worth of wargear. 15 may come with from the IG codex (preferably 5 should be spent on carapace armour and modelled like a tau suit) and the rest from the tau codex.

his bodyguard should be veterans armed with lasguns, with the option to upgrade to a pulse rifle, carbine, and one to a rail rifle (for the appropriate cost).

this will allow him to field a 400point army of tau helpers with him actually being able to use tau guns. he can just use drones for fast attack.

anyone tried anything different

14-08-2005, 14:12
Wooo a post mentioning me... :evilgrin:

Yep you're right AA, I do like my human auxiliaries! But to be honest I don't see the appeal of fielding an entire army of them, that's what IG is for! Although having said that, GW do have that Gue'vesa force on their website, but I think that represents a force patrolling their home planet so they would be led by native commanders. But it would be interesting to convert a rogue IG commander and his bodyguard. Once again your imagination puts me to shame!

Also I don't think the Tau would trust human units with fancy gear like drones.