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09-06-2007, 03:03
Hello everyone!

So I will be playing in a small tournament this weekend, and this is the list I've decided to use.

High Elf Prince
Dragon Armour
Ithilmar barded steed
Helm of Fortune
Guardian Phoenix
Sword of Might
Ring of Corin
Total: 262

Extra Level
Ring of Fury
Dispel Scroll
Total: 180

Extra Level
Dispel Scroll
Silver Wand
Total: 160 pts

5 Silver Helms
Heavy Armour
Barded Elven Steeds
Full Command
War Banner
Total: 170 pts

15 Spearmen
Full Command
Total: 250 pts

10 Archers
long bows
Total: 120 pts

6 Dragon Princes
Dragon Armour
Ithilmar Barded Elven Steed
Full Command
Banner of Ellyrion
Total: 216 pts

20 Swordmasters
Great weapon
Heavy Armour
Full Command
Banner of Saphery
Total: 340 pts

2 Great Eagles
Total: 100 pts

2 Reapeater Bolt Throwers
Total: 200 pts

Total: 1998

It's a straight fwd list that will use it's mobility to get the charge. Eagles will march block, I will try to keep the magic at a minimum, and hope for the best. what do you think?

09-06-2007, 03:34
Maybe drop the Banner of Ellyrion and upgrade the silver wand on the mage to the seer rule. Other than that ncie balanced list.

Don't forget to use Pure of Heart.

Dirty Job
09-06-2007, 08:53
It is a very balanced list, however you have a large lack of strong combat resolution. The only unit you can really count on to win numerous combats is your Swordmaster unit, but even they get shot to pieces by enemy bow fire or handguns. Your spearmen are in a rank of 15 which means they need to take just 5 wounds before they lose one of their strongest abilities, which is the ability to attack in 3 ranks.

I would personally want the ability to field more units but if you feel this is a strong list then by all means, but my suggestion to you would be to find a way to add much more static combat res. Why? Because of a few reasons:

1) You don't have enough magic to blast your opponent into oblivion, causing panic checks, blah blah blah
2) You don't have enough shooting to shoot your opponent to pieces, same reason as above
3) Your cavalry is only good on the charge, and since you only have 2 units of cavalry with nothing strong to back them up, you're going to have a large time winning fights after the first round of combat.

Very balanced list though, I played with something fairly similar not too long ago.

09-06-2007, 18:44
Thanks for the feedback

Ok So I will do the magic item swap. And then I will keep it at that. I will post my results after the tournament.

And my magic is going to be more supportive/defensive. I figure I can whittle them down easily enough so lore of life or possibility light on one, and high magic on the other for drain magic.

cheers guys