View Full Version : New to fantasy: 1000 pts. Orcs and Goblins

Maxis Lithium
09-06-2007, 08:23
Okay, I'm just starting in Fantasy. I have 10 years of 40K behind me, but that's of little consequence. Here's the basics of my O&G list that I'm going to play in a local circle.

Orc Shaman Lv 2 w/ Amulet of Protektyness, Whaaagh! paint and Mortag's Bet Basha. 150 pts.

Ork Shaman Lv 2 w/ Nibblit's Itty Ring and a Staff of Sorcery. 150 pts

Night Goblin Big Boss w/ Amuet of Protektyness, Lucky's dirk and Mad Cap Mushrooms. 80 pts.

15 Arrer Boys 90 pts. (used to protect 2nd shaman)

24 Boyz w/ extra choppa & full command. 199 pts. (with fighty general Shaman)

25 Night Goblins w/ spears, 2 fanatics and full command. 170 pts. (w/ Night Goblin Bigboss)

10 Goblin Spider Riders w/ full command. 160 pts.

Thoughts? I'm trying for a balanced list, though it's magic heavy. I figure I'll keep the 2 blocks of Infantry close so they can both use the general's leadership, and if either get charged, they'll trigger the fanatics and cause all kinds of hell!

09-06-2007, 08:30
um cant have 2 amulets of protektyness only one sry

otherwise thats the only error i see

seems a little small for o and g but thats just my opinion

10-06-2007, 20:45
Since they have diffferent spell list you might want to make one of the shamens a goblin. The list as a whole looks good.

Maxis Lithium
15-06-2007, 05:39
Hmm I am still new to this, so you can't have more then one of any one type if magic item in the army? Each character must have different magic item loads?

Can a goblin Shaman be attached to a unit of Orcs? They have different base sizes, would that not cause problems with "look out sir!"?

I have shuffled things around, dropped some arrer boys and instead added a Spear Chukka which makes for a bigger threat at range, causing my enemy to want to close with me.

Edit: AH! You are correct. I will have to find a substitute for the amulet of protektyness. Thank you.