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That Guy
09-06-2007, 17:06
I'm sure we've been over this before, but I couldn't find it in search. What keeps your opponant from hitting one of your units in combat with a guess range weapon? I assume it's just the honor of the player.

In my game last night two funny things happened:

1) Empire mortar (big template!) fires at an unengaged (stupid animosity...) unit of Night Goblins 12" away. Guesses 15" to hit the center of the unit. The shot scatters 10" off to the right and hits a different unit of Goblins in close combat with Swordsmen and hits mostly Goblins and then also Swordsmen. Since my Empire opponant was clearly legally targeting an unengaged unit, we just took out the casualties of both sides.

2) Empire Cannon shoots at a Giant behind a unit of Night Goblins that is in close combat. The Giant is approximately three inches behind the Goblins. The only way to hit things with cannons is to underguess, so my opponant guesses 11" for the Giant that's about 17" away. The problem with this is that the shot then lands on my unit that's still in close combat! Again, we allowed it given the "good faith" of the shot: he was obviously going for the Giant. But I am curious about what the rest of the community thinks.

Thanks for helping sort this out.

09-06-2007, 17:15
With guess range weapons you pretty much just have to use the honor system. Both those examples you gave seem pretty reasonable.

09-06-2007, 17:15
1) In 7th, you just take the hits according to the template, there is no distribution anymore. Apart from that, you did it right. BRB, p.85

2) Same problem, same procedure: A Cannon shot is in effect a template. So yes, it can kill models in a unit in combat. As above, only the models actually hit may be removed (exception in both cases: Obviously *Look out, Sir!*)


09-06-2007, 17:36
"Good faith" is not a rule and in many tournament (and even in some friendly) situations people will underguess and shoot characters that in combat in front or behind of the viable target. Remember this is [b]WAR[\b]hammer and some times in war you need to get your hands dirty. Since there is no rules prohibiting this kind of conduct it is perfectly legal to do. Because of this you as a player need to form your stratagey with this tricks in mind.

Also the only mention of 'reasonable' range guessing is durring the declare chargers phase when charges that are obviously out of range may not be taken.