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10-06-2007, 14:06
I've been fighting with broadly the following for the past few months:

mounted priest with great weapon (huss model), occasionally as lector
priest on foot, hammer and shield
engineer w/hochland

20 swordsmen w/shields, full command
12 knights w/shields and lances, full command
12 white wolf knights, great weapon, full command

20 greatswords
2 cannons
7 pistoliers


That's the core. Hovering around that have been:

1 general, lance and shield
20 halberdiers, full command
10 handgunners
10 spearmen
20 militia
10 flagellants
1 mortar

Generally the wizard acts as caddy, priest on horse is deployed w/knights, prist on foot w/greatswords

General experience against a variety of armies (WE, Empire, VC, BoC, HoC, Dwarves)
- opponents will make sure to deploy enough terrain to break up the field, which causes difficulty for 2 wide frontage knight units
- knights with lance perform v well
- the ww unit will generally get bogged down and break at some point. Don't keep artillery behind them or you get a panic cascade
- pistoliers last 2-3 turns, maybe doing some damage
- opponents basically sit back waiting for knight units to charge
- hellblaster either blows up quickly, or fires a lot of shots which do relatively little damage
- swordsmen generally do ok but halberdiers too weak.
- with a general tactic to barrel forward with the knights, the greatswords move too slowly behind them and will get flanked
- cannons are ok-ish but will last about 4 turns if the rest of the army moves forward

My inclination is to
- change the ww unit for another lance unit, or maybe 2 smaller ones. Had I foreseen 7th ed I probably would not have done ww at all.
- drop the pistoliers and the engineer for a more powerful wizard,
- use first move to move the hellblaster and infantry forward but then to keep the infantry held back to protect the artillery line, with the infantry in turn having detachments to protect their flanks.

Any thoughts?

10-06-2007, 16:17
I see some problems with this army and lineup, and I hope that you don't get offended by what I say, I'm just trying to help.

First off. do you ever manage to get any prayers through with those priests? I can't see how really, if you really want your priests, make 'em count! Bring the wizard up to level 2 and take another level 2 wizard to help him out, and then you have some real power, with 6 power dice and two bound spells in the priests.

The engineer really shouldn't be there, I would exchange him for the above mentioned second wizard.

Now, as for the knights, I think that you are sadly using them in a rather inefficient way.
You have 24 knights in your army, and I think that you should absolutely use them in 3 units of 8, or maybe in 4 units of 6, depending on how much shooting you want them to withstand.
This way, you maximize the number of knights that can fight, split your enemies attention and responsefocus, and become a lot more manouverable.

I would also exchange the WW for normal knights.

As for the Halberdiers, I think they are ok, but they really need two detachments of free company, and since you have 20 of them, that would make two nice 10-man detachments.

The greatswords would also be very well off with a swordsmen detachment, just 10, and they will fare a lot better once they reach combat. It can also help against your flanking-troubles.

The flagellants will work wonders if you just up them to 14 (7*2) or 20 (5*4), maybe 21 (7*3) if you really want to strike hard and be able to bog stuff down.

I would also drop the Helblaster, and use the points freed up together with the points freed up from removing the engineer for the above mentioned extra wizard, detachments of swordsmen and free company and Commadn for the knights.

Maybe drop all banners on the knights, to save yourself the pain of giving away free VP:s...

Ok, that's my three shillings, hope that I have said something constructive.

10-06-2007, 17:10
I'm not offended at all. It's good advice and very politely put, so thank you.

I do get the occasional prayer off, mainly if my opponent becomes complacent. I hated the previous empire wizard models but my plan is to take the new set and make 2 wizards, and maybe beef one up to l4 for certain battles.

I kind of like the main 12 man knight unit so was thinking about fielding it as 11 with the priest, and having 2 6-man units w/lances/shields (maybe fieldable as 7 if the priest got switched round). Opponents do get scared of a 12 man unit+priest coming towards them as there's pretty much no option for a lot of units except to flee.

Flagellants seem to do ok against non-shooty armies (did great against VC), less so against shooty ones.

Should have said this is for 2000 points armies.

I'll turn this into an army list and post for comments.