View Full Version : Magic items that affect models in base-contact

10-06-2007, 14:49
What if the user is put on a bigger base, ie is mounted on a chariot, dragon or horse? I'm thinking specially about the Plague Banner and the Berserker sword from the Hordes of Chaos book.

Is it looked down upon or just plain good use of the item in question?

10-06-2007, 14:52
Thats how the items supposed to work.
Its 100% legal and the expected way to use those items.

10-06-2007, 15:51
A Chaos character on foot will typically be in base contact with three enemy infantry or cavalry, or two Ogre-sized models. Expanding the base size to 50mm means you can get into contact with a maximum of four infantry or cavalry models or three Ogre-sized models. Thats +1 model regardless!

Of course, you could "allow" your chariot to get charged in the flank, but that usually comes with a whole mess of unwanted side-effects...


10-06-2007, 19:23
As T10 said: A horse gains nothing if engaged from the front - and a chariot will gain just 1 measily trooper- go for it, by all means, if you think that it is worth it.

Now, getting engaged by three or four Great Unclean Ones while wielding the Berserker Sword might just be worth it ;)



11-06-2007, 13:09
This is why a character with the berzerker blade on a chariot is rightly feared.

Flank him with ogres and he'll get 6 extra attacks...