View Full Version : Wood Elves 1000, built from mainly the battalion box set.

The Anarchist
10-06-2007, 18:20

Noble; Althara 75
Alter kindred 20
great weapon and light armour 6
Helm of the great hunt 20
Hail of doom arrow 30

Branchwraith; Isal-tan 65
Lv.1 mage 50
Sprites; Cluster of Radiants 25


9 scouts 158
Standard bearer 12
Seamrath, banner of Zenith 25

10 dryads 120

5 Glade riders 120

5 Glade riders 120


6 Wild riders of Kurnous 156

this is still an embryonic list, any one got any suggestions they would be most welcome.

10-06-2007, 18:51
You can't take those scouts without taking Glade Guard, something you need to rectify.
I'd personally drop the Dryads to a unit of 8 and take musicians. Alter Kindred costs 25, not 20pts, although if that was a typo and has no significance on the points I don't know.
Overall I'm not sure on this list, seems a little "bitty", I'm not certain on the roles you're giving your units, but maybe that's just me.

11-06-2007, 01:15
yah, the whole scout thing is illegal, but if you decide on taking them, id drop some models, and drop the banner, i think its kinda pointless on them. id drop a unit of glade riders as you already would have scouts/the other unit of GR/Wild Riders for march blocking (i dont know how intent you are on setting up charges). Id also get another unit of dryads.

14-06-2007, 23:04
You can't post individual points costs.

Alter: good
BW: good (take pageant also, it's just that good)

Scouts are good if you take 5 with nothing else. They aren't a brilliant unit but good.

Only take 8 dryads.

Take musicians in your Glade Rider units.

Take 2 units of 10 glade guard and two units of 8 dryads. that should be the core of your army.