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10-06-2007, 19:05
Updated the list again, the old one didnt feel good and just felt cheesy.

I have a problem with this list: i have 78pts left and i dont know what to do with them. Any suggestions?


Arch Lector
Barded Horse, Shield, Heavy Armour
Van Horstmans Speculum, Mace of Helsturm

Warrior Priest
Barded Horse, Shield, Heavy Armour
Icon of Magnus, Sword of Might

Warrior Priest
Armour of Meteoric Iron, Hammer of Judgement

Wizard lvl2
Horse, Dispelscroll, Wizard Staff


Flaggelants x15

Handgunners x10 Musician
->Handgunners x5
->Handgunners x5

Handgunners x10 Musician
->Handgunners x5
->Handgunners x5


IC Knights x6 Full Command, Warbanner

IC Knights x6 Full Command

IC Knights x6 Full Command

Pistoliers x5 Musican, Repeater Pistol


DOW Cannon

DOW Cannon

TOTAL: 2172pts

Be Afraid
10-06-2007, 21:56
personally, i would swap both canons for morters

also, i would use the saved 50 pts, + take off the wizard's barded mount, drop the capt.'s halbird and pistol, and drop 1 knight for another unit of pistoliers

11-06-2007, 03:02
I cant have another unit of pistoliers as it is now. All 4 special slots are used.
Only way to free another slot would be to drop the IC Knights or a cannon and both are quite important.

How about the rest of the army? Is it ok? Is it a viable choise?

12-06-2007, 16:06
if you're replacing foot soldiers with gunners and archers in this list, do you think the gunners will be able to do significant damage to the point that your knights will be able to sweep up? The knights will be going against blocks of infantry probably so in the combat your down 3 ranks and outnumber, banner in a head on charge. Knights have to flank and deal some wounds to have a chance at an infantry block. Flanking is easier said than done.

12-06-2007, 23:18
Well, I think that this could work, and to the criticism about the knights I just say that with that much shooting and that many units of knights, his opponent will almost always have lost a rank (if not two) before combat and the, if played right, he will have to turn to face a unit of knights in order to not get flanked by them.

With these many units of knights, he should always have two units against him, meaning that he will always be flanked...if played right that is.

Then again, I think that 1-2 units of spearmen would work wonders, just 20 of 'em (even if 25-30 is to prefer) will even the odds. If you take out the captasus and a unit of knights or handgunners, there you have your two units of spearmen, and I think it would work better.

Then of course, if you just want your shooting and cavalry, then don't add blocks, keep with your theme. I would however drop the captasus, I played with one for some time (sometimes two!) and they, quite frankly, don't do what you want them to...

I would also keep the cannons if I were you, at least one of them, they are priceless!

13-06-2007, 18:16
ok thanks.
Should i drop 3 units of crossbow detachments and the repeater handguns so that i can afford to buy full command for all my knights?

14-06-2007, 16:45
I would:
1. drop the pegasus captain
2. make your big knight unite to eleven with the banner that makes them caus fear on the charge.
3. get an WP on a horse with sigil of sigmar, and put him were u need him.
4. look over if you not could make all repeater handgunns to hochland, and make your pisstolliers to outriders with a champ with hochland. Ithink u'll need them to shoot down charakters.

15-06-2007, 21:43
I have updated the list some.

What do you think of is now?

15-06-2007, 21:49
Looks a lot like a gunline if you ask me.
It's got the 20 handgunners + 2 cannons and a steam tank to fit the gunline bill prettymuch perfectly.
The scroll caddy wizard as well,plus with some knights to back it all up.

Saying something isnt a gunline when it is isnt clever mate.
I was assuming your "mobile and shooty" list wouldnt include any static war machines or handgunner lines...seeing as those arent very "mobile" although they are very "shooty".

Lose your gunline stuff....ie. drop the cannons for pistoliers,take troops that can move AND shoot.

Then you'll have a mobile shooty list.
As opposed to a gunline with cavalry and a steam tank.

16-06-2007, 13:31
Nice list, not too gunline-ish.

Only thing I'd do is swap some handgunners for crossbowmen, to add some range.

25-06-2007, 08:27
Updated the list again.