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10-06-2007, 20:23
Hi everyone, this is a project log that me and Yourangerisagift are starting to try and collect a nid army together
We're going to use battleforces mostly since they are stupidly good value for money and they have everything we will need. ( and i like genestealers :D )

To start of with we just want:
Hive Tyrant
3 Tyranid Warriors
3 Tyranid Warriors
8 Genestealers
8 Genestealers
16 Gaunts
16 Hormagaunts
2 Carnifex's

As you can see, this is just two battleboxes, plus a hive tyrant but we will get on to the more imaginative stuff later.

Once we've actually got this wonderful and magical painted army, we're going to try and get a marine army and a imperial guard army ( I am going to use my krieg and my friend might get some elysians ) so that we can go through some of the missions in the Anphelion Project

Here's our first test, it isn't wonderful but its batched and only takes about an hour and half. If we want to go back and highlight it, we will feather some lighter red on the carapace. ( we really can paint better than this! :D )


Getifa Ubazza
10-06-2007, 20:56
Looks like a nice paint scheme, will look forward to seeing how this progresses.

Good luck.

The Laughing God
10-06-2007, 20:58
Nice scheme but I think it would look better with the red highilights you were talking about. How do you plan on basing them?

Good luck,

-The Laughing God-

Your Evil Twin
10-06-2007, 20:59
Pink and Purple...very manly nids I see :D

But seriosly, i like the scheme, very imaginitive...will you be speed painting in batches as the title sugests and if so did you meen an hour and half per guant or per batch?

Only sugestion would be a dark blue wash over the purple to add abit of definition and make it contrast more with the pink...you could use dipping to speed it up!

Good luck with the project!
Your Evil Twin

10-06-2007, 23:03
I don't know, not even finished your Chimera and you've already started a second Project Log.....tsk, tsk :D

Have I already said what I thought of the 'gaunt? Can't remember now. It is looking nice but I would like to see you do the highlighting you talked about.

Do you have a time frame in mind for this?

11-06-2007, 18:13
Hey everyone, thanks for the positive feedback!
Managed to get quite a bit done today cos i had the day off.

Here's a better pic that shows the colours and highlighting a little better:


Here's what i did today:


I managed to do 8 from cleaned up to this - without highlighting, teeth or eyes - in 8 hours ish. Maybe slightly less, for me thats lightning!

Well, me and my friend are booked to do some more painting on wed and thurs so hopefully i can get my half of the genestealers done then, then hopefully the warrior brood on sat / sun. We will have to see about that though i think.

Evil Twin, We'll be speed painting them about 1 per hour apart from the larger ones which we will highlight more. Its actually blue with black glaze, and red although the highlights look a little pink you're right :D

Laughing god, haven't really thought of basing, maybe ash waste? Not sure how brown would look with them. We'll have to see.

Does anyone know what colour we can do the teeth? The first one did had them the same colour as the armour but i'm not really sure.

12-06-2007, 17:02
The new picture helps alot, the little blighter seems to have more life to him in this picture than the first you took of him.

I think the teeth could do with being a different colour, though i'm not sure what (I know, i'm helpful aren't I?). Having it the same colour as the chitin plates doesn't really look right. Bringing a third colour into the model might be good.

21-06-2007, 18:44
Well, have been playing around with the warriors that i've done.

Here's my progress:

They look a little like they are wearing those horn bands that you see hen parties wearing sometimes but i guess it will have to do.

I was thinking of doing the tongue a green and the eyes red.
What other colour eyes could i do them?

I agree, but i can't decide on what colour the teeth should be :(

I was going to do a fair amount without the highlight and then go back over it afterwards. That way i get to play a game quicker.

Here's my progress on the genestealers, pics are a bit dark sorry but you can see the shading the glaze has given the blue on the large one.