View Full Version : 1000 point Tomb Kings list

10-06-2007, 23:34
Hey there all. I'm looking for input on the smallish TK army I'm about to purchase the models for shortly. Hopefully I can get some last minute feedback and possible changes in before I decide to drop a dime on it.

Here's the list...

Tomb Prince-
Great Weapon
Armour of the Ages
Vambraces of the Sun

Liche Priest-
Cloak of the Dunes
Neferra's Plaques of Mighty Incantations

24 Skeleton Warriors-
Light Armour
Standard Bearer

12 Skeleton Warriors

12 Skeleton Warriors

6 Skeleton Heavy Horsemen

3 Chariots-
Standard Bearer
Banner of the Undying Legion


11-06-2007, 04:56
Couple of things: You may want to drop a unit of 12 skeletons for a unit of 2 tomb swarms in order for you to deal with warmachines, if core is not an option then take a tomb scorpion over the swarms. Also, give your tomb prince the collar of shapesh so he has some sort of 'ward' save, never count on a liche priest being able to heal back his wounds.
Edit: I would also transfer the BotUL onto the big block of skellies which your tomb prince will be going into in order for him to survive longer.

12-06-2007, 19:05
Definitely drop the Prince's Amour for the collar of shapesh.
Drop the heavy horsemen, they are very poor in small units, use the points to grab anther priest, boost your magic potential.
Combine the 2 smaller skellie units into one larger unit, they can stand up in combat too then. drop both skellie units down to 20 if you need points for anything.
Also, possibly have both skellie units with just bows, that way if the prince is in one unit, his incantation will be far more useful, especially early on.
Id suggest dropping the banner bearer and UDL banner from the chariots, if that units gets pinned down it will crumble and cost you 265vps as opposed to just 120. also, the UDL banner tends to be wasted on them, as it only works in your turn magic phase, you have up to 2 rounds of combat, 1 magic phase and 1 shooting phase to survive until you can try and heal them again.
Get a Catapult. Imo the best unit in the army, and upgrade it too.