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11-06-2007, 14:28

i got lots of models for LotR and there all kind of tucked away...but i was thinking of getting some new stuff and getting me a army done so...

what should i do i'll give you my options

Wood Elves for good led by Legolas as he is cool and ive got three of him all unpainted so i will get some cool uses from him.

Gondor i got lots of them now and the new stuff is coming out, plus the heroes for them are good and ive got most of them.

Rohan not so much but still there as ive got some and there heroes are cool, i have lots of the heroes too.

For evil i'm wide open so yeah,

i have been cut off from LotR for one or two years now so updates would help too.

thanks in advance,

11-06-2007, 14:30
I'd do paint up and start playing with what you have. But above all, I'd go for what you think looks coolest, and what is most enjoyable to paint.

High Elf Lord
24-06-2007, 08:42
I also need Help Picking New LoTR Army, High Elves
I am starting lotr and need help with choosing the right models.
So far I am getting
24 High Elves w/ elven blades
24 High Elves w/ bows
12 High Elves w/ spear and shield

The problem is the elves come with gondorians as well so I will also have 24 men of gondor w/ sword and shield

24-06-2007, 11:27
i would post your own topic as this one is answered and if you posted your own you would get more NEW readers to it.

High Elf Lord
24-06-2007, 13:49
I did post my own topic its called High Elves new army or something like that so far I got more answers from other topics than my own one

19-07-2007, 19:46
i would just stick with all the guys you have already have play with what you got and see which one is most enjoyable to you and then expand on that one army