View Full Version : 1000pts Wood Elves. Lots of combat units

11-06-2007, 15:26
i managed to get 3 combat units (4 if great eagle is, 5 if noble is ) into a 9 unit 1000pts wood elf army

Elven Steed
Light Armour 139

10 Glade Guard 120

10 Glade Guard 120

5 Glade Riders
Standard 147

6 Wardancers
Musician 111

5 Wild Riders
Musician 166
Wild Hunter

10 Eternal Guard
Musician 138

Great Eagle 50

what do you think. i dont know what items to give my noble?

That Guy
11-06-2007, 16:49
Your list looks confused. Here's what I recommend:

Everyone will tell you to ditch the banner on the Glade Riders. Everyone is right.

12 Glade Guard per unit seems a little odd to me. If you put them in a line, the line is too long. If you put them in ranks, 6 of them aren't shooting. Why did you choose 12?

When you're only taking 10, there is really no reason to take Eternal Guard instead of Dryads. But, if you really want to take Eternal Guard (and you should, because Dryads are overpowered and the models are great) put your noble with them. Stubborn is HUGE. Also, if you drop both archer units down to ten and lose the standard, you'll be able to have the points left over for an extra rank of Eternal Guard, which they will really need.

As for items for the Lord, if he's on foot it's hard to beat a Great Weapon and Amber Pendant. 41 points for a S 6 hit that always strikes first, even against other strike first weapons.

Just my thoughts.

god octo
11-06-2007, 17:18
On a noble, I prefer a more defensive item, such as the annoyance of netlings or Amaranthine brooch.

As mentioned before, the standard on the Glade riders needs to go. If (and its a giant, hulking brute of an if) the glade riders get beaten in combat, your opponent will get 100 extra VP. Plus, they really don't want to be in a head on combat.

I would drop 1 unit of glade guard and invest in more Eternal guard. If you are serious about using them, then they need to be a biggish unit, otherwise they will die to missile fire in one or two turns.

11-06-2007, 19:36
I think that EG are a bit too expensive and don't have much of a place in a 1k point army.

Definitely drop the standard from the Glade Riders. It just really doesn't help you enough in order to warrant the risk.

If you did drop the EG, you could always give the Noble an Alter Noble and have him go out and strike units along with the Wardancers or Wild Riders.

11-06-2007, 19:44
thanks guys im gonna drop the eagle, eternal guard, elven steed on noble, drop item ammount to 25, drop standard on GR and blade singer on WD, and then drop WH on Wild Riders.
With those points im gonna get a treeman.

that also drops the real cost aswell

14-06-2007, 23:05
frankly I'd never drop an eagle. they are tactically the best unit in the army.

god octo
15-06-2007, 11:53
I really wouldn't drop all those units for 1 model, that could die to 1 cannon ball.