View Full Version : Lahmian Seduction Power and Challanges

Lord Zarkov
11-06-2007, 22:00
I'm unsure as to how the Seduction power should be resolved in a challange
Does it work as normal and put the challangee under your control and if so does the challange end as the combatants can't attack each other (unless the chalangee has a mount of course)? Or does the challangee count as having no models in base contact and so is struck automatically (due to him being able to attack no-one and left as the only target for the vampire)


11-06-2007, 22:38
The vampire still gets to attack whatever she is challenging.
If the challenged opponent has nobody to attack he cant attack anyone....most likely the mount doesnt get attacked as mounts seem to be exempt from all these kinds of events.

Lord Zarkov
11-06-2007, 23:02
But Seduction specifically disallows anyone from attacking the affected character unless he has no models in base contact, in which case it counts as Dominion and different rules apply

12-06-2007, 07:05
Seduction will either allow the character to attack his fellows, or count as EDIT: DOMINATION when in a challenge.