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12-06-2007, 11:21

Just starting the write up the fluff for my guard army. Basically they'll be traitor guard (following the standard guard list, although I might give the LatD list a go once they're done).

The background is simple:

When Prospero was being besieged by Russ during the Horus Heresy and Magnus made his deal with Tzeench the entire city of light (Tizca, Prospero's capital) was teleported to the planet of Sorcers in the eye of terror, but Magnus and Thousand Sons where not the only ones in the city. Not only where there hundreds of psychers and acolytes transported, but the Guard regiments defending the planet where also present in there thousands. Shocked at the Emperor’s betrayal these guards men denounced the Emperor and proclaimed there unending loyalty to Magnus for saving there beloved city, friends and family from the onslaught of the Space Wolves.

Architects of Fate


Prophets of Tzeench (Iron Discipline): The psykers leading the Prosperian Guard are seen by those below them and prophets of Tzeench and are obeyed without question or though of personal safety.

Warp Portals (Drop Troops): The chorus of psykers accompanying the Prosperian Guard have the ability to small warp portals, allowing squads to attack the heart of enemy formations.

Daemonic Cavalry (Rough Riders): After thousands of survival and study in the eye of terror the Prosperian Guard have learnt to control some of its lesser denizens. One of set of this is the Prosperian Daemonic Cavalry, former cavalry regiments who have replace there horses (that have long since mutated into spawn) for Screamers of Tzeench.

Guardians of Light (Veterans): Sometime regiments are lucky enough to be accompanied by survivors of the battle of the City of Light. Having survived for thousands of years in the eye of terror these individuals are often more daemon then human.

Chorus of Psykers (Special Weapon Squads): The Chorus of pskers accompanying the Prosperian Guard often join the battle themselves, laying waste to all with there formidable psychic powers.


Chorus of Psykers:

Special weapon squads and Command Squads (lead by Prophets of Tzeench). Lots of special weapons represented with psykers.

Guardians of Light

Veterans (more special weapons/psykers)

Prosperian Guard:

Infantry Squads (most containing Psykers, aka special weapons)

Daemonic Cavalry (need a better name)

Rough Riders

Daemonic Machines:

Leman Russ and Hellhounds (classic guard tanks warped by Tzeench’s Gifts)

Alter of Damnation

Basilisk (Mobile Alter where rituals of devastation are performed).

What do people think?

12-06-2007, 12:36
very creative :) Are the models going to be converted, or will they be carrying normal weapons? I like the idea behind it, and think it would go very well with a LatD list :) Some 1K Sons would fill that out perfectly!

13-06-2007, 11:26
Conversions all round.
Basic Guards men will just be cadians with imperial insignia removed and some Tzeentch symbols on them.
All the special weapon troops (Psykers) will be in robes and throwing fireballs etc. lots pn conversion on the vehcles too but not sure of the details yet.

13-06-2007, 15:56
That's a really cool idea, I say go for it!