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Brother Handro
12-06-2007, 22:43
Although it seems like a nasty case of jumping on the bandwagon a few months after the Flight of the Eisenstein, I have always wanted to model some 'Guard after first seeing them in their corrupted form for the first time many years ago. 8, to be precise.

Anyhoo, their style suits mine; slow, but ultimately successful. (hopefully, and subject to me correctly invoking the machine spirit of my stroppy camera. Sigh.)

So far we've got roughly 45 marines ready to be assembled, made up of tacticals, command squad/commander, chaos marines, Bezerkers, and bits of the Black Templar sprue. Gotta love them Corvus helmets!

A few questions go unanswered, namely; what to buy next, Rhino, Devastators, or terminators? Any 2 from the 3?
Termies will require much work, but we all know that the DG had them in large numbers, whereas they didn't put much stock in vehicles. Having said that, 40 marines, walking?
Devastators are flexible, 8 heavy weapons on the sprues can be spread about amongst the marines.

Also opinions please on both how to achieve a nice dull off-white, and the funny green trim that no-one artist or painter seem to agree on. Bah.
Not asking much then! Answers on a (virtual) postcard please!

Dark Apostle197
12-06-2007, 22:55
I would say terminators and devestators. Pre-heresy DG termies would just look cool ;) and devestators are definitely good for an almost all infantry force. Rhinos don't really fit the theme too much, and if you are taking any, you should take about 3+.

Brother Handro
13-06-2007, 00:42
I should probably stress that I won't be playing with this army, its merely for the look, and something to do over the summer!

Therefore it may not turn out 'legal', i.e. loadsa power fists and plasma guns all over the shop, tho' I believe I will go with the advice, or maybe even all three, seeing as how I have the money to do so for a change! 1 Rhino just for a decent looking colour scheme would be allreet I think.

Light of the Emperor
13-06-2007, 01:18
I know that after the heresy, the DG lacked vehicles. I would assume they had them before the heresy though. The DG were tough, footslogging fighters who could wade through the thickest fighting and come out the other side. You might want to do a google image search for Dave Taylor's pre heresy DG for some inspiration. They look quite cool. I found that Khorne Beserker helmets with the vanes shaved off make for perfect DG helmets.

I too based an army off of the Eisenstein book...my Grey Knights. I painted up Garro as my grandmaster. Oh, the Iron Halo that comes with the plastic captain, once cut in half, makes for the perfect DG symbol. It's in my GK log if you're interested.
Best of luck!

Brother Handro
13-06-2007, 10:28
Ah yes, Dave Taylor's DG are pretty cool, as are shaved Bezerker helmets, I've already got some!
Hey that Iron Halo idea is great, but I wanted to use it in combination with a trimmed 'Zerker skull helmet to make a kind of scary chaplain/captain crossbreed, which seems acceptable considering it won't be a playing army.

It isn't unreasonable to assume that the DG, if not using drop pods or Stormbirds, etc would deploy/get around with Rhinos, surely?

Light of the Emperor
13-06-2007, 14:06
I'm sure they probably did. I just remember from the IA article that POST heresy DG lacked vehicles...I don't know if that was carried over from the preheresy DG.

Brother Handro
13-06-2007, 16:27
Well its too late now anyway, I've just bought a Rhino, of the Chaos variety, as I like the missile launcher and combi-bolter, very archaic, and the spikes can be used for signature DG spiked helmets. However I won't make a lot of these as they are not perfect, and I could end up with loadsa marines with what look like small flagpoles on their heads.

In addition I bought the Veteran sarge with power mace/maul, as his armour is really cool, and he comes with a plasma-bolter that would fit into any of my tooled-up squads.

Oh I also got the devastators, lovely lovely plastic heavy weapons! I will use almost all of them except the lascannons, which I was never a big fan of looks-wise. The Heresy artwork shows DG favouring multi-meltas & plasma cannons (tho' the debate still rages over whether these existed in infantry-carried form), and we know for sure their belief in the "primacy of the bolter", so Heavy Bolters are in as well. Plus everyone loves that new missile launcher servo-arm. Also I will use the servo-skulls elsewhere as they are obviously skull-y and in my eyes therefore Death Guard-y.

A long post this but I'll just add my first attempt at guessing a colour scheme, after a long sesh with a helpful if a little "have you got glue, paint, clippers, fingers??" GW Staffer;
black undercoat - astronomican grey foundation - skull white, and the green will be dark angels with snot (The paint, obviously). Any better ideas?

Brother Handro
26-06-2007, 14:30
UPDATE The Rhino is complete, and a test model painted. The white isn't perfect, but what didya expect, plus I haven't picked up a brush in 5 years!
It took at least 4 coats, and its still uneven in places. I am of course afflicted by the curse of the white paint, if u thin it, it looks blotchy, if u don't and u put too many coats on, it covers the detail. Damnation!

26-06-2007, 14:41
Any pictures coming our way?

26-06-2007, 20:32
Hi Handro,

Welcome to the wonderful world of Pre-heresy Death Guard!


Here are a couple of links you may find of use:

PH Death Guard Army Overview (http://belloflostsouls.blogspot.com/2006/12/heresy-era-death-guard.html)

PH Death Guard Army Archive (http://belloflostsouls.blogspot.com/search/label/deathguard)

PH Death Guard Logo Sheet (http://belloflostsouls.blogspot.com/2007/01/death-guard-logo-sheet.html)

PH Death Guard Painting Tutorial (http://belloflostsouls.blogspot.com/2007/06/tutorial-death-guard-in-7-easy-steps.html)

That should be plenty to get your gears turning. Let me know if you have any questions. The archive has lots of posts in it, so make sure you check out the older ones as well.


26-06-2007, 23:00
Looking forward to some pictures of this, I love Death Guard

Brother Handro
27-06-2007, 00:37
Hail bigred, I have been aware of your work for a while now, as any self-respecting Death Guard modeller should be. But have you changed your paint scheme? I'm sure it used to look different. Bleh I dunno. Still, its quality, and that painting guide is awesome, I'll have to do another test model. Also cool autocannon job, which reminds me, I think I've got 1 lyin around as well. Good old Cadians...

agerstone and jasevx, further to my comments in my first post about the camera, I've just got a new computer, so it may take some time for the ol' photos to appear. Apologies in advance, but who can predict the mysteries of the machine?

Brother Handro
27-06-2007, 16:19
Apologies for another post, but a quick update on the paint scheme following my illumination thanks to bigred. I've just bought Khemri brown foundation, which will apparently be good for the recesses before the astronomican grey goes on. After that, I'll just have to learn, probably the hard way, wasting God knows how many marines, on a decent white drybrushing technique, if such a thing exists.

Brother Handro
29-06-2007, 00:49
Quick Update; the camera lives! Now I should actually build and paint some models then I suppose....new paint test model(s) to follow I hope!

02-07-2007, 09:26
Quick Update; the camera lives! Now I should actually build and paint some models then I suppose....new paint test model(s) to follow I hope!

Huzzah! Now you have mastered the camera who knows what other elements you could control, rain and snow perhaps?

Brother Handro
02-07-2007, 13:14
I've re-read that last post several times, and still can't decide whether it's sarcastic or not.

The Rhino is primed, I decided to test big and to hide my shoddy rusty painting "skills" on a larger model.

Brother Handro
03-07-2007, 23:26
UPDATE: WIP Pics of the original test model (with too many layes of white) and my latest effort (not enough layers of white) up at some point 2moro, all being well!

Brother Handro
04-07-2007, 15:03
Ah time for a couple of pics methinks. Well one first, seeing as how this photography lark is damned difficult.

Although this pic is terrible, u can see the marine on the left is better than the one on the right, which turned out almost matt white after far too many coats.

04-07-2007, 15:41
Its a good start Brother Handro.

I always try to make my DG look a little "battle hardened" by accessorizing them with tons of minor field kit around their waist.

I always stick on some type of CCW like a holstered pistol or combat knife, lots of those little pouches, and the occasional Canteen from the IG sprues.

I don't know why, but slightly roughed up marines with 8-in combat knives and canteens slung just look like guys you don't want to be messing with. It always reminds me of that old soldier adage: "Recruits pack extra ammunition, veterans pack extra food."


Brother Handro
04-07-2007, 17:42
Thank you bigred, and great tips. I agree with your battle-hardened idea, I will be going fairly pouch-heavy with my marines. However, I don't know what to do about the fact that they always look so gaunt, plain and unpolished, spartan, if u will, in the Index Astartes, yet in the Visions artwork they've got chainmail, tabards and spikes coming out of their ears. I'll have to find a happy medium, they should'nt look too overdressed IMHO.

I don't think I'll be going with holstered weapons for the same reason, but I want the majority of my marines to be holding both a bolter and a CCW, to represent their true grit and the versatility they are famous for. To this end I will use some of the chaos CCWs and some old ork choppas I've got lying around. Plus if I manage to do it well enough, some ork shootas could look good as archaic bolters. I don't know if I'm good enough to do that nifty conversion Dave Taylor and others do to their new-style bolters. But we'll see.

Brother Handro
05-07-2007, 22:53
Tsk, tsk. Just as I was about to finally get underway with the construction, I'm going on holiday, having built 1 marine. He has a bolter and a chainsword, and some grenades/pouches for that battle-ready feel. He also has a shaved down beakie helmet to look a little like a Maximus (Mk. IV) helm. Speaking of which, u get 2 Mk IV torsos in the BlackTemplar upgrade sprue, I never knew! Immense. I have assembled a rather extensive marine bitz box almost over night, with 2 chaos tactical squads, 1 tactical squad, 1 devastator, 1 command, 1 commander, 1 BTupgrade and 1 Khorne Bezerker squad being added to everything I have ever had in the 5 odd years of Marine collecting. Truely every marine will be an individual. The jury is out on 2nd edition bolters tho. Yay or nay?

09-07-2007, 22:43
I've re-read that last post several times, and still can't decide whether it's sarcastic or not.

The Rhino is primed, I decided to test big and to hide my shoddy rusty painting "skills" on a larger model.

Haha, it was sarcastic, but not in a malicious way ;)

Brother Handro
27-07-2007, 23:37
Right, I'm back, and have assembled a mighty total of three more doughty Death Guard, one looking siutably heroic with chainsword and powerfist, one hefting an autocannon, in homage to bigred's great work, and the other is a crazy chaplain, whose paintscheme I have yet to decide on. Black or white? His head is a trimmed bezerker skull helm with a space marine Iron Halo fitted over the head like a crest. His crozius is the SM Command squad champion's sword, with the blade replaced by the eagle banner top. He also totes a plasma pistol, a skull-y power pack and a GS tabard. As you can tell I'm rather proud of him. Now if only I had a decent camera...

Brother Handro
04-08-2007, 23:49
Oh God, I told myself it should never happen, but having seen this awesome Russian guy's website, I'm seriously tempted to convert to Luna Wolves. It would be fairly easy considering they're both primarily white armoured, and I've only built about 8 marines so far, but I think I'll stick with my Guard, and maybe add a detachment of Horus' Finest, and maybe even some mighty World Eaters while I'm at it, they're white too. Hmm, I feel some background will be needed to explain why they're together, and a campaign badge, yes. I see it now...

Here's the link to his work. Green Stuffed Thunder Armour, amazing...


Brother Handro
29-09-2007, 01:24
I haven't posted for a while here, or indeed anywhere on the forums, suffice to say greenstuffing Crusade armour is very annoying, for little reward at first.
Seven whole marines so far, and a good few sculpted torsos, legs, helms, etc. Ha, this is a Death Guard army, so the number is appropriate; Count the Seventh!