View Full Version : 14PD - 2 Characters - It must be 2250 Tzeentch!

Your Mum Rang
13-06-2007, 16:05
Hey all.

This whole army came from me winning some sexy Maneater models.

Let me know what you think. A possible 12 re-rollable power dice is great!

Exalted Champion of Tzeentch: Enchanted Shield Biting Blade Chaos Steed Dispel Scroll @ 223pts
Beastlord of Tzeentch: Great Weapon Armour of Damnation Staff of Change @ 336pts
5 Chosen Knights of Tzeentch: Musician Standard War Banner @ 280pts
5 Maruader Horsemen: Flails Musician @ 81pts
Chariot of Tzeentch @ 140pts
Chariot of Tzeentch @ 140pts
9 Warhounds @ 54pts
Beastherd: 5 Gor 13 Ungor Full Command @ 122pts
4 Minotaurs: Great Weapons Mark of Tzeentch@ 204pts
4 Minotaurs: Great Weapons Mark of Tzeentch@ 204pts
9 Furies @ 135pts
4 Maneaters @ 360pts


15-06-2007, 10:05
Seems nice enough. 9 warhounds and 9 furies I assume are there for the sacred number?

Beastherd seems a strange size and mix- not good enough for a combat herd and yet too expensive for a bog standard herd. I'm assuming 18 again for the same reason? I would consider dropping a minotaur and boosting the herd up a bit (27?) 46 points= 6 ungors and 3 gors+1 point. Otherwise your main magic dude is in a seriously weak unit.

I assume the maneaters are going with handguns? Nice unit, stubborn is great. I'm thinking of getting one myself (although it will be a special spawn of tzeentch firing bolts of energy using maneater rules).

The only other problem I can think of is that your 13 power dice (false advertising on the 14PD as i count it) might be wasted for part of the game- you only have two characters who can cast and some of the tzeentch spells are very short ranged/remain in play.

Other than that hats of for sticking with the 9s as far as possible.

Lord Khabal
15-06-2007, 10:36
yeah, I only count 13 PD...
Why don't you try to put a BTL Std character on the maneaters? stubborn + reroll is damn good.
where are the screamers?!!!!