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13-08-2005, 08:44
is it just me, or does anyone think it would be awesome to see a battlfield 2 40k mod. for example, for a marines force

special ops: scout with bolter + melta bombs
engineer: techmarine with bolt pistol and servo arm
assault: space marine with bolter, smoke grenades and sommat else to make him unique
support: space marine with heavy bolter
sniper: scout with sniper rifle
medic: apothecary with bolt pistol/reductor/narthecinum (can be used as a heal/revive/weapon at once)
anti tank: space marine with missile launcher

new class- personal transport: bike
FAV: attack bike
armoured car: rhino
APC: razorback
Tank: predator
anti air: whirlwind hyperios
attack helicopter: landspeeder tornado/typhoon
transport helicopter: new, maybe an aquilla shuttle or something
fighter: lightning (or new class)
bomber: thunderbolt (or new class)

the other race I've been dreaming up is Tau

special ops: pathfinder with emp grenades, carbine with scope
engineer: earth caste with repair drone (little thingy that he controls and floats around fixing stuff), pulse pistol of some variety and hover-mines
assault: fire warrior with carbine and underslung photon grenade launcher
support: fire warrior with burst cannon
sniper: pathfinder with railrifle
medic: firewarrior with pulse rifle and medpacks
anti tank: fire warrior with markerlight (pointer that drops a seekermissile/artillery strike on vehicles, or maybe provides a target lock for tanks or long ranged ground defence)

personal: battlesuit
FAV: tetra
armoured car: pirahna
APC: devilfish (with seeker missiles)
tank: hammerhead
anti air: skyray
attack helicopter: ? no idea here
transport helicopter: maybe boost the devilfish to fulfill both roles, or use a scaled down orca
fighter: barracuda
bomber: tigershark

so whaddya think? all I need now is a team of dedicated and uberskilled modders to do my evil bidding :P. ah well, one can dream

13-08-2005, 10:22
You mean like this one for BF1942?


Oh and I'm moving this to the computer games forum.

Rabid Bunny 666
13-08-2005, 12:19
my mate James (shinobi on here) made a thread about this some time ago

13-08-2005, 15:39
The problem is marines and the power armour. You wouldn't see bolts "explode" against their armour, and for balance, a marine's bolter would have to be as good as a guardsmen's lasgun.

Rabid Bunny 666
13-08-2005, 22:51
you could just have it as a really powerful gun and have the power armour like a one use vehicle if thats possible

13-08-2005, 23:34
You mean like this one for BF1942?


That looks so damn sweet! :D

14-08-2005, 01:12
>>>>>It looks very good. It would be nice if they tried the Mod tools for BF2 though; since it is the more current game with better tools and so on.

Well that and I dont own 1942, I just own BF2 :( , Otherwise I would try that out.