View Full Version : HE vs WE 1000pts. Suggestions?

14-06-2007, 02:08
I'm supposed to play a 1000pt game next week. My high elves which I've only recently started using against a wood elf army that is heavy on dryads. I'd appreciate any advice or suggestions on how to meet this challenge. I have yet to play against the wood elves since their new army book so I'm not very familiar with them. Help please!

Deacon Bane
14-06-2007, 12:43
What HE units do you have? The WE I play against tend to hold back the Dryads until his archers weaken my ranks, so I try to get into CC fast. I believe these are skirmishers so they won't negate or get rank bonus. WE try to attack one of your units with 3 of theirs, I keep my units tight and use table edge to protect a flank. A Boltthrower shooting a salvo works well to cover the other flank. I have had success with Shadow warriors also.

14-06-2007, 20:48
I can field just about anything in the HE army. From what i've been told my opponent is using mostly dryads. He may not even be using archers. Someone suggested a large block of swordmasters with cav units protecting flanks and counter charging. Make him come to me while shooting with a bolt thrower. I'm afraid the swordmasters might not hold out out for a second round of combat if charged though. Also the all cav army has been suggested. Any thoughts?

22-06-2007, 09:50
go for a magic offense. i play high elves and when up against wood elves
always use lore of fire. for units i suggest a small unit of 5 silver helms
and a big unit of spearmen 4 extra close combat resolution. swordmasters i personally would no use them
with dryads being I6 and swordmasters being I5.... not good even with the sword master rule.

23-06-2007, 04:59
do yourself a favour use two bolt throwers and try do whitle his shooting down. beware of hail of doom arrow, all good wood elve players will utilize this item as a quick way to take out some of your troops. your silver helms should be able to handle the dyrads as long as u can get over the fear. just hope he's not baiting u with dyrads to give u one nasty counter charge. when i play i use a 8 man dyrad group and a ten man wardancer group. i use my dyrads to cause cav to charge me and then counter charge with my wardancers using the dance that gives them killing blow!! DO NOT FALL FOR THIS FARSE!! magic always work wonderfully against wood elves!!

The Anarchist
24-06-2007, 18:45
In my advice follow whatever one has said with emphasis on the magic bit, two mages in solid blocks of infantry will probably work best aganst the marching wood theme. this should then be backed up by a hammer of heavy cavalry.

in to more detail i would say a hard block of spearmenand mabe some Phoenix Gaurd maybe for the two mages. your will want a unit or two of heavy cavalry, they need to be units that can deal as much damage as possible so probably 5-6 strong. also for dealing with minnor anoying threats like leftover Drayds a pari of Great agles would be a good investment. i would probably say Bolt Throwers are over rated and for just 1000 points aganst mostly Dryads unlikly to make their points back. however if you have the points left could be lots of fun for character sniping.

hope this helps