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14-06-2007, 09:07
Okay, so I recently obtained a dwarf army and was wondering about how to compose it for 2000 point battles. I have a fairly good idea from reading WD, and some of the Warseer threads, but thought I'd ask the experts.

What I have available are as follows: (all units have full command unless specified)

20 warriors/great weapons/shields
20 warriors/hammers(great weapons)/shields(can be used as hammerers)
14 warriors/shields/hand weapons(can be used as ironbreakers)
19 crossbows
16 thunderers
20 miners
10 slayers only a standard
1 gyrocopter
2 cannon OR organ guns(can be swapped)
2 flame cannons
1 grudgebringer

For my heroes I have:
1 king w/shield bearers
1 thane standard bearer
1 engineer
1 runesmith
1 thane/shield/axe
3 doomseekers(using them as daemon/dragon slayers)

I was thinking of making 2 units of 15 warriors as the basic core of my army, with the full unit of crossbowmen and thunderers. They'd be backed up by the miners and 15 ironbreakers for the kings unit. As guns, I'd use a flame cannon and two cannons. Any thoughts/tips/suggestions?

Also, how should I equip my big guys with runes? I was thinking of using a lot of runes that help me stop magic (spellbreaking, spelleating, valaya, etc) on my runesmith and standards, but I'm not sure how I want to equip my lords with their rune items...

Barring actual answers, anyone know of any Dwarf specific websites/forums/etc?


Causa Mortis
14-06-2007, 14:04
I would not use all the missile troops you have. 10 plus musician should serve you well. Shields are useful too.

I would use the other points to get your dwarf warriors up to at least 20 strong. 25 is best though. Dwarfs excel at static combat res and you really want to be making the most of that.

As for your character choices. I would opt for a Lord with shield bearers, a Thane BSB and a runesmith. I like minimalist characters and so instead of giving him an expensive runic weapon you can achieve the same result simply by handing him a great weapon. Combine this with a rune of stone and you're looking at a cheap and cheerful general for your army.

I like to kit up my runesmith with the rune that takes a PD from your opponent and adds it to your dispel pool. You're a dice up and your opponent is a dice down - nice :)

14-06-2007, 15:50
I actually prefer the engineer over the runesmith. I find the base 4 DD adequate for most 2000pt games, though swapping him for runesmith would be a good idea against armies like VC or a Slaan. The engineer can just make certain warmachines horrifying.

A good rule of thumb (for me at least) is don't have more small shooting units than you have big infantry blocks.
Save the expensive runic standards for higher point games. A rune of battle or MR of Grungi works just fine as does forgoing any kind of magical standard and just making the BSB himself really killy.

ALWAYS bring an organ gun. Seriously. Even if you don't use it much just having it sitting there on the flank will change how your opponent's army approaches your lines.

A great site for any dwarf player.

15-06-2007, 10:52
Look interesting, I'm going to have you guys look at my army list