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14-06-2007, 09:34

Been toying with this list, as Im interested in fielding Menghil and his Manflayers. See what ya'll reckon.

L - High Sorceress
Level 4, powerstone, Steed

H - Sorceress
Darkstar cloak, powerstone

H + H - Beastlord + Manticore
Lance, L Armour, SD Cloak, Web of Shaddows, MANTICORE

C - 25x Warriors (thinking of using Corsairs instead...)
Shield, Spear etc, Full Command

C - 12x Warriors

C - 10x Warriors

C - 5x Dark Riders
RxB's, Muso

S - Menghil Manhide and 9 Manflayers

R - 2x Reaper Bolt Throwers

R - 1x Reaper bolt throwers

TOTAL - 1997

Now, Im trying to be strong in all fields, CC, shooting and Magic. I think its ok, but would like suggestions (particualy on whether Spearelves or Corsairs would be good in this list....)

Regards, Tim

14-06-2007, 10:54
I'm afraid that apart from the manticore and perhaps mengil you'll get slapped around in close combat no matter whether you use corsairs or warriors. If I used this list however I would prefer warriors because they are more defensive and your army is pretty defensive (2 shooting units 3 RBT). In your warriors case you can use either spears if charged by hordes with low T and/or AS or if your opponents are a bit more elite but withouth high strength modifiers you might think of choosing handweapon and shield instead of spears to fight for the extra +1 AS in cc. Also the few extra men you get for warriors gives you a better chance of keeping your 3 CR for rank bonus.