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14-06-2007, 18:50
hey guys ;)

here is my early WIP version of captain nathaniel garro of the death guard

the binoic leg... to be smoothed with GS soon.

next to his buddy tarvitz:

some questions + things I planned to add:
is the head ok? I know he didn*t have a bionic eye but I thought it would look cool...
I remember him having a shaved head.. the sergeant head from the terminator sprue would be my first choice but I don't have any spare heads of these around...

I'll sculpt him gauntlets and use the straight right arm with BP from the CSM sprue..
should I leave the BP or give him a bolter?
the legs will also receive additional armour plates + the kneepads will be hexagonal shaped...

MKiV helmet hanging from the belt or should he be standing on his helmet?

thanks in advance

14-06-2007, 18:53
Very cool

What is the leg made of?

I reckon you should give him the bolter, make him look tougher

The head is fine

Give him a scar on his head and a hole in his helmet then have him standing on his helmet.

Keep up the good work

14-06-2007, 18:55
Very cool
What is the leg made of?

thanks mate ;)
the main part is the barrel of the IG grenade launcher

14-06-2007, 19:15
Give him a bolter, Death Guard had True Grit even pre-heresy, so he'd have no reason to carry around a pistol.

Be sure to paint a small aquilla on the wrist of his armour, Tarvits should have one also, as it's existence is mentioned at least twice in Eisenstein.

Would deffinetly look cooler standing on his helmet.

14-06-2007, 19:57
Didn't Garro have some super fancy chest plate with an eagle looking forward from the chest? It was a major plot point that caused a lot of the animosity from his DG brothers.

Leeman Russ
14-06-2007, 19:59
I thought it was a eagle head that stretched over his own head and helmet? (or maybe I just read it wrong, dont have the book infront of me at the moment).

14-06-2007, 20:14
It was a breastplate that fit over his regular marine armour, it had an eagle "leaping" forward out of it, and another doing likewise on his back. It was his symbol of office as commander of the Death Guard's 7th Company. (which few people outside his own command felt he deserved, and only had it because the Emperor himself had promoted him before leaving the campaign.)

it's mentioned as being ceremonial and removable, so not having it wouldn't be totally unacceptable.

14-06-2007, 20:38
Oh, cool. I didn't know it was removable. That makes so much more sense.

14-06-2007, 21:57
He should carry a Bolter, thats what hes said as carrying a Bolter not a BP. Yeah it was an Eagle Cuirass, whatever that is!! I just thought it may be represented with a standard eagle torso.

Awesome work though!

14-06-2007, 22:15
this is a cuirass:


15-06-2007, 11:35
what do you think about that idea:


the bolter will be on a strap hanging over his shoulder...
in his right hand will be a scroll/oath of moment thingy...

thanks for the information on the cuirass ;)

15-06-2007, 11:40
I'd swap the head. It isn't Garro's head if it isn't shaved!

15-06-2007, 11:46
Looking very cool - but I think him and Tarvitz look too similar in pose and face. Maybe that'll change when Garro's other arm goes on.

15-06-2007, 12:19
I second AA's notion, and refer you to his sig for good matter! A man with that much praise - you can just tell that he is the leading authority on whatever is discussed at the time.



15-06-2007, 18:36
Funny thing, that's about how I thought Garro looked, because before I read Flight I assumed he was the central marine on the book's cover. Stuck with me since.

The similarity with Tarvitz should be fixed though, especially the similar pose - both left arm out, looking right right now.

- Salvage

Ciaphas Cain
15-06-2007, 23:29
I can't believe how bl**dy marvellous that Tarvitz turned out!! I am sure this one will turn out equally nice once it's finished. Great conversion work on Garro's leg.
Enough advise has been given above...go back to work now, I can't wait to see more pics!



16-06-2007, 02:39
definatly needs a shaved head. i would replace the head if i attempted this feet. but otherwise lookin solid.

16-06-2007, 02:44
Id agree with the shave and leaving the Eagle Cuirass out, and the inclusion of the bolter will be a nice touch, perhaps built with a chain feed from the CSM sprues, rather than that annoying forward mag?

Light of the Emperor
16-06-2007, 03:48
Ah Nathaniel Garro, one of my favorite charaters from the HH. I kinda picture him like the DG soldier on the front cover of "Flight of the Eisenstein".
The bolter is a good idea as the DG have true grit anyways.

I'm looking forward to seeing him finished.

25-06-2007, 19:25

Decius (or Desius?!?)

Garro received another leg + a shaved head..

and I started a squad ;) (still very WIP)

25-06-2007, 20:04
looking nice good to see pre-heresy stuff around as it truely does look good especially basing some of it from the horus heresy books can't wait to see the squad finished, keep up the good work :)

Best regards

Ciaphas Cain
25-06-2007, 21:21
I simply HAVE to say it again, your Decius is outstanding mate!
Hope to see Garro finished soon..



25-06-2007, 21:25
good to see you opted for the shaved head, looks alot better now.

Colonel Stagler
25-06-2007, 21:53
Nice Pre-heresy bods! keep up the good work
Stagler out

25-06-2007, 23:50
Looking good except none of them should have Bolt Pistols, all Bolters. The Death Guard have had True Grit since always.

26-06-2007, 01:45
Looking fantastic, i'm loving the subtle details!

26-06-2007, 09:00
more updates:


an idea for a possible diorama..
what do you think?

26-06-2007, 17:37
Nice idea, some nice models there and with appropriate base would look good

26-06-2007, 19:32
i'm sorry but the eagle on his back looks daft, it just sticks out too much, tarvitz and the death guard are excellent though are you doing loken or torgaddon at any point ???

26-06-2007, 20:28
i'm sorry but the eagle on his back looks daft, it just sticks out too much, tarvitz and the death guard are excellent though are you doing loken or torgaddon at any point ???

´yeah loken and tarik will be one later ;)
would you prefer luna wolves or sons of horus?

here is more WIP goodness

sphincter man
26-06-2007, 21:50
looks awesome. and the bolter on the strap sounds cool. but i thought that the oaths of moment were but all around the armour. and not in their hands...

anyway. im in the middle of reading the Eisenstein and this is just as i would imagine them :D

very nice. keep it up!

14-07-2007, 17:19

a little more progress.. he will be finished soon

Light of the Emperor
14-07-2007, 17:32
Very nice! I'm a huge fan of the pre-heresy marines, yours included. I definately wouldn't mind seeing more character conversions.
It seems like you are going loyalist so why not try Iacton Qruze? I have him in my force, but he's not really converted...I got out easy.

14-07-2007, 17:37
Very nice! I'm a huge fan of the pre-heresy marines, yours included. I definately wouldn't mind seeing more character conversions.
It seems like you are going loyalist so why not try Iacton Qruze? I have him in my force, but he's not really converted...I got out easy.

the luna wolves will be next ;)
there will be loken, torgaddon and cruze ;)

Light of the Emperor
14-07-2007, 17:40
Awesome! The space wolves transfer sheet has the wolfs head symbol. All you need to do is add the moon.

14-07-2007, 17:48
Wow, those conversions look amazing so far, I really like Tarvitz especially, looking forward to seeing Garro finished :D

Brother-Captain Antilles
14-07-2007, 18:44
Very nice, I'm planning on doing some pre-heresy conversions myself and this thread has given me some nice ideas. Excellent work sir BTW! :)

Ciaphas Cain
15-07-2007, 00:26
the luna wolves will be next

I can't wait..

Any Idea on how to paint them yet?? I kinda started some LW ages ago when I first saw the artwork for Horus Heresy CCG.
Maybe I should go and search my garage, they're ought to be there somewhere:cool:



15-07-2007, 00:43
Dont like the old bolter, otherwise looks good.

Light of the Emperor
15-07-2007, 00:55
I think Garro needs one more thing...Have you thought about adding the leather straps between his legs like the ones Tarvitz has? It would "bulk" him up a little and if you bend them the right way, help convey movement.

15-07-2007, 09:22
Wow you are a very good painter my friend.

Dominus Ex Machina
15-07-2007, 13:04
looking very sharp Tagsta (as usual). I'd really like to see that diorama come true!

15-07-2007, 13:12
Your models are excellent, keep up the good work!

15-07-2007, 16:13
LOVE the books, love your models too! really bringing it all to life. Havent read Eisenstein yet, but Ill picture your models when I do.