View Full Version : 1500 pts - Nuln/Pirates Themed Army

14-06-2007, 21:11
I just started getting into fantasy again and decided to pick up the Empire army box as the basis for a Empire fantasy army based on a naval expeditionary force. because the army is ship-based, i am relying on predominantly infantry and artillery with some light cavalry support (you can't have too many horses aboard the boat). so yeah, this army is supposed to be fluffy but also competitive. here goes:


Captain w/full plate, shield, barded warhorse and Sword of Sigismund - 115 pts

Battle Standard Bearer w/Silver Horn, full plate. - 118 pts

Master Engineer w/ repeater pistol and pigeon bombs. - 100 pts


20 Swordsmen w/ full command - 145 pts
- detachment: 10 Handgunners - 80 pts
- detachment: 10 Crew (Free Company) - 50 pts

20 Halberdiers w/ full command - 125 pts
- detachment: 10 Handgunners - 80 pts
- detachment: 10 Crew (Free Company) - 50 pts

20 Crew (Free Company) w/ full command - 120 pts


10 Pistoliers w/command + repeater pistol - 204 pts

2 Great Cannons - 200 pts


1 Helblaster Volley Gun - 110 pts

Be Afraid
14-06-2007, 23:39
i personally think you would be best swapping pistoliers for handgunners, since, handgunners are better, and fluffier . . . think 2 units of 10 with marksmen w/ repeater handguns with 4 points to spair.

i wont say anything about pigion bombs, as it seems fluffy, and it is always comical to see birds explode.

1 final thing, silver horn is good on paper, but most armies will have 3 + disple dice ( with atealst 2 ) so, you won't be getting it off much

i like it, and it could look very nice aswell, you could make a little ship, which would be a great peice of terrain to capture or defend !