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14-06-2007, 21:53
They prbably arent but im going to use them anyways. It will be a challenge. Any suggestions.

14-06-2007, 22:42
There probably one of the best in the game!!! My old manager in GW Dublin used to play them:

3 Captains
45 Goblins
3 Trolls.

It was bent as hell!!!! He was an excellent general and rarely lost.

15-06-2007, 00:45
No, they are Evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or were you asking something else? :)

15-06-2007, 04:25
There probably one of the best in the game!!! My old manager in GW Dublin used to play them:

3 Captains
45 Goblins
3 Trolls.

It was bent as hell!!!! He was an excellent general and rarely lost.
So ur saying that they are good in numbers kinda like the tyranids in 40k.

15-06-2007, 04:49
I wouldn't go so far as to compare them to Nids. Nids have some terrifying CC models (hmm... genestealers anyone?) whereas goblins just suck. Where they make their money for their generals, however, is that they overwhelm the enemy with suckage, wearing them down, and eventually hitting them for a wound. The idea of numbers and eventually scoring a hit is more or less similar, but the goblins have a much harder time of this- especially when facing heroes a la Aragorn, Gimli, Boromir, etc.

But, they can be a lot of fun nonetheless- "Ha! Ha! Aragorn's corpse is now being disgraced by my measely 100 goblins!"

15-06-2007, 05:03
Yeah but dont goblins get cave trolls. And Im not sure but someone at my GW sotre told me that they can get the balrog but im not sure

15-06-2007, 06:34
In all honesty, it's not the big things that make the Moria Goblin army ready to rumble. It's the numbers of the goblins. Very few of the good armies can come close to matching their numbers. That means that they are most often in an outnumbering roll.

And that makes a big difference on the table.

15-06-2007, 08:17
The only good army that can really match goblin numbers is the hobbit hoard army, in which case the goblins find themselves as decent warriors capable of outclassing their foe. WTF!

Overall though, goblins are a very decent army indeed.
I've used them to reasonable success in tournament setting and have a very good track record with them. I'm currently redoing my old goblin army to incorperate the new stuff from khazad dum and to play the campaign against my old nemesis, a thrice cursed dwarf longbeard player.

High Elf Lord
23-06-2007, 14:31
well i played against them the other day and my elves were outnumbered 4 to 1 in every aspect and I still managed to clear a massacre-defeat. The elves merely shot them down with the bows. Also you would need big things like trolls to help augment the quality of a moria goblin army

23-06-2007, 17:29
What were the opposing generals like? How did they execute their battle plan and did they play to the strengths of goblins.
If the elves were outnumbered four to one in archers then the goblin player could have chosen to keep his distance using superior volly fire to attack the elves weakening them for a direct assault. However, this assumes the elfplayer would not then counter that with another tactic.

Trolls are not essential but are very useful generally, especially against dwarves, I tend to find games against dwarves are a bit easier when I bring that tin opener. Bat swarms are another great choice to engage in multiple combats with enemy heroes and said troll.

High Elf Lord
24-06-2007, 04:54
Well the other player was a noob and he insisted on charging at my elves even though my archers were all in range. The archers ate up the spearmen and then started working on the warriors. He reached the critical halfway point but I insisted he continue. He chose to kill my archers instead of my warriors and so I killed the troll by sending in five elf warriors with elven blades using the two handed ability to chop him up. The archers were killed but the remainder of my army led by elrond soon made short work of them by circling them up. I do not consider this a great victory though because the opposing player was having his first battle and I was already experienced somewhat in thios strategy because in 40k i tend to take more to close combat.

19-07-2007, 18:33
they're ok the good thing about them is they're really cheap points wise and you can outnumber your enemy but they aren't that hard to kill and it's hatd to kill other people

19-07-2007, 20:26
Goblins get full body count, while not sacrificing their heroes&big stuff. Numerous heroes and beastly support for maxed out goblin horde, great stuff. Individual goblin is weak as it should be, but united they are strong etc...

20-07-2007, 06:38
One on one - great. When comparing, a Goblin is easily capable of taking down a WoMT. All they need to do is roll higher than them and get a wound. Against opponents with multiple attacks etc. they start to struggle. One six and they can't win the fight. The Cave Troll is alright but tends to be the first thing on everyone's mind to wipe out. The Prowlers are a welcome addition to the army, adding some needed elites (that are still cheap!). THe Goblin heroes tend to be weakish and I struggle against armies like High Elves when they take multiple heroes (like Glorfindel, Elrond and/or Gil-Galad).

The basic rule with goblins is that they should always be near the model limit for the relevant points, the exception being different armies that take a different approach (cave troll horde anyone?)

21-07-2007, 13:48
Im going to start a moria goblins army too , is it possible to ally with some mordor orcs?

21-07-2007, 14:56
Yes it is, through dol guldur at least.

21-07-2007, 16:06
Ok, let's put it this way, when attacked, Aragor can kill one goblin, not a hundred.

I luve my gobbos, I luuuuve them

22-07-2007, 03:31
Moria can ally with:Angmar, Isengard Raiders, Dol Guldor and Barad Dur, all of which can take Orc Warriors (IR can take moutned Wargs). - they can ally with other lists but I just picked the relevant ones.

BTW, does anyone else use a drum in an army smaller than 1000pts?

22-07-2007, 04:20
I like to see my opponents face when he realizes how badly he is out numbered. But usually its also followed by the o wait there just goblins sigh of relief. I usually try to take as many archers as i can so i can just shoot and shoot and shoot. Hopefully by the time my cave trolls and goblins without bows get to my opponents forces i will have made nice dent in his forces. This doesnt always work though because the goblins just arent amazing warriors. I would still recommend them as an army to play though.

22-07-2007, 10:55
thanks , so i could take some mordor uruk-hai?

22-07-2007, 12:49
oh and whats the differance between the plastic boxed set goblins and the metal blister pack ones?

22-07-2007, 13:08
Very little. They are just different poses, and iirc, some of them are wearing a bit more armour.

About the question about goblins, I'll add that I thought the prowlers added very little to the army. I really did. I thought that the goblins were fine before hand, and I think they are quite adequate without them... But that's just my opinion.

22-07-2007, 17:46
can i ally with mordor uruk-hai and whats the differance between the plastic boxed-set goblins and the metal blister pack ones?

23-07-2007, 06:05
The metal blister is just an easier way to buy a few goblins (instead of a whole boxed set) and adds more poses. They make great captains if (like me) you hate the current goblin captains.

As for the Mordor Uruk-Hai, I'm sorry to say the answer is no, if you want to play LoME legally (if not then its fine as logn as you can come up with a good reason). Mordor Uruk-Hai are only available in the 'Cirith Ungol' and 'The Black Gate' army lists, neither of which can ally with Moria.
However, if you really want those Uruks, 'The Black Gate' list CAN be allied with 'The Dwellers Below', which include, Goblin Captains, Warriors, Cave Trolls, Wild Wargs and Giant Spiders.
Otherwise, you could still play in friendly (non-tournament games etc.) with Mordor Uruk-hai added.

23-07-2007, 17:29
thank and oh well ill settle with orcs and how do you lot paint goblin flesh i need some insparation

24-07-2007, 06:14

Scroll down to see some painting guides on Goblins.

24-07-2007, 14:10
thanks ive decided on a coulor scheme for my goblin warriors

25-07-2007, 05:49
Ok, just remember, with Orcs, mix the colours up occasionally like the skin guide in this article: