View Full Version : The Flickering Lights in the Sky

15-06-2007, 20:43
Well, I've started a bit of work, and was curious to see what folks thought of it so far. I'll post a link over at the conclave, but it's largely just to see what folks think.

It is, essentially, a bit of a personal interpretation of the ethereals and the Tau Empire. An effort at...pinning them down. So, how do ethereals control the Empire? How exactly do ethereals use their pheromone stuff? How does it work?

Well, I've put up a couple of answers. It opens alot of intrigue for the Tau Empire, IMO, and is a much more potent and palatable darkening of the Empire. They're not facists, but they're damned sinister! :p

So, nowhere near complete, but an indication of where I'm going with it! Thoughts?

(See attachment, by the way!)