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15-06-2007, 21:38
helllo its me.

concering ork scarth built stuff would you fellow gamers consider this as a ok idea/ be ok to playy it

i want to make a orky basicllail using the looted veichile slot

so would mouting the basilaik cannon onto the ork wartrruck and making a like cabin round the barrel using plasticard be ok

+ wuld have the IP models doing the loading while a ork slaver whip them be ok

thanks for reading and i look forward to your opions

Mr Zephy
15-06-2007, 21:56
That would be fine. As long as it looks as armoured as a basilisk, and has the right weapons, there should be no problem.

Rogue Trader
15-06-2007, 22:03
as long as its legal rules wise i dont see a problem, i love proper scratch ork stuff, it looks great when its done right, and if you are using gw bits too then it should be fine imo

Lord Balian
15-06-2007, 22:07
That would actually be OK. IIRC the theme of Ork vehicles, even normal ones, is they are splapped together with stuff they foundon the battlefields. I have a friend who plays Orks and has a cool scratch built buggie. We were at a bits building competition and this thing got slapped together. 4 wheels, speeder bottom, oil drums over the engine, rhino dozer blade up front etc. After the event, it got a couple things added to it, like a fantasy wagon wheel for steering wheel, some guns wired together for twin linked and some orks added on and painted. Now it's an awesome war buggie, that is WYSIWYG and contains 99% GW parts.

15-06-2007, 22:25
that sounds goood

hmm the chassia and guns would be gw stuff but not the plasticard.how do tourines view that?

15-06-2007, 23:13
i've never heard of a tournament having problems with plasticard on conversions. The only likely problems would be vehicles or figures which are clearly mostly from another manufacturer (e.g. Tamiya kits, toy tanks, etc).

Before you spend too much time on this, wischhusen, remember that we don't know for sure whether the new ork codex (likely at the end of this year) will still allow orks ot loot basilisks. Personally, I'd suggest going ahead anyway, but make the big gun removable, so that if necessary you can swap it for a different weapon that fits the new codex.

16-06-2007, 00:35
what new ork codex , ive been out of the hobby for about 1-1and half years , i knew there was a new rules system4th ed but theres finally going to be a new codex ... (cries with joy)

16-06-2007, 01:21
Orks are supposed to be scatch built :D

Yep, Ork codex is out "soon". Of course in GW terms soon could mean 2057. But they have deffinatly said it will probably be early next year.