View Full Version : 750 lizardmen for tourny

15-06-2007, 22:56
Hi all, I'm getting ready for a tourny tomorrow. I have played three games with a similer list with a few changes, here it is.

Hero: Saurus ScarVet,great weapon, light armor, quetzl, CoJW, venom of the firefly frog= 141

Skink Priest, lvl 2 wizard=100

Core: 2x10 skinks, blowpipes, scouts=70

Special: 3 kroxigors=174

Rare: 3 salamanders=195

The scar-vet will be joining my kroxigors to help keep them fighting and attacking the left overs my salamanders burn. skinks are in it to harrass enemy troops, and the skink shaman is only there because he works better than the skink chief I was using in first list. in the first test game I played I got trampled by chaos chosen. second game I lost my general but slaughtered the whole army with my salamanders, last game ended in a draw because I was able to kill his general and his comet made both his and my units run in the last round. I need some advice if anyone got any. Also just a side note I'll be facing empire, chaos, ogres, dark elves, dwarfs and vampire counts.

16-06-2007, 03:55
YOu dont really need a second character, the JSoD will do nicely. Use the extra points to buy yourself a skink shield for your kroxigors. And in 750 pts you dont really need 20 skirmishing skinks.

On the whole, I like your JSoD, your skinks, croxies, and salamanders, I just think you could do with more skinks