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16-06-2007, 08:51

Here's the list, its not cheesy, (I think,) but the general plan is to march up the saurus blocks in the center while the carnosaur hugs cover or charges forward as fast as it can, the skinks provide a screen for fire and tackles regiments in the rear. The terradons go for warmarchines or suicide missions to kill wizards. The veteran goes in a saurus block to provide killing power and fear.

Oldblood on carnosaur with blessed spawning of Itzl and Quetzl, has the burning blade of Chotec, light armour, enchanted shield and aura of quetzl
443 points

scar veteran with the blessed spawning of Tepok, Itzl, rides a cold one, has light armour and great weapon

Warriors with standard (20) 252

Warriors with standard (20) 252

Warriors with standard (20) 252

Warriors with standard and blessed spawning of Tepok(20) 282

skinks (12) 72

skinks (12) 72

skinks (12) 72

skinks (9) with brave 59

Terradons (3) 105

So... Is it good?

08-12-2007, 22:44
Seems pretty good. It definatly has a solid core and numerous supporting,flanking and screen units. It doesn't seem to have many weak points though it seems a very simple "standard" army, almost all made of core troops.

No magic? Maybe a skink chief with one or two scrolls would help, especially against magic heavy armies like undead.

I'd also recomend some kroxigors, coz they look cool and bash stuff. If your Saurus get held down by an unbreakable (and worse elite) unit such as VC grave guard then you want something to be able to break the deadlock. Yeah the carnosaur is great at that but he can only be at one place at a time. I think putting him on one flank and the kroxigors on the other would help you dominate the battlefield much more and help keep your Saurus moving foreward.

Oh well, that all I have to say for now. I'll post my army list soon once I've finished tweaking it. Good luck with your games!