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17-06-2007, 09:55
I've finally decided that i want to start playing Warhammer, but I don't have any experience with the rules whatsoever, so I need your help.

I know the BfSP set has a rulebook, but I'm really not interested in the models.

So, overall, which is the best beginners-army ( both cost-wise and rule-wise )?


17-06-2007, 10:02
Lizardmen - you can make an entire 2k force out of a batallion, a box of saurus, a skink priest and a Slann Mage priest. Lizardmen are very forgiving in terms of psychology and magic. The force also allows you to participate in every phase and gives you a half decent balanced force that does everything well, but nothing exceptionally.

DarkLord Of Naggaroth
17-06-2007, 10:19
I agree with Volltaire
go with lizardmen

The SkaerKrow
17-06-2007, 10:20
I can't vouch for them in terms of price, but rules-wise the Empire is a great starting point. Short of skirmish units, the Empire includes really strong examples of just about all of the game's facets (infantry, heavy cav, shooting, artillery, magic, monsters, nasty bits).

Lizardmen aren't really a bad choice, though. My only problem with them are the models.

17-06-2007, 10:47
Depends on you what sort of beginner/development you want.

I agree with the above that Lizardmen are a very forgiving army, but as a re Dwarfs or any other high Leadership army as your army running away is a big issue in warhammer and can happen very quickly if your not careful. So are good armies to pick up the basics on but dont give much room for development.

Empire is a good army for learning about what ever thing does as it can be played in a number of ways so you can start with a bit of everything and then evole to Calavry heavy, gunlines, magic, troop heavy horde. Each one is so different to play I think it gives the widest range of warhammer styles whilst allowing high levels of over lap.

Or if your feeling brave take on something hard and ride the hard learning curve to be a good player. Thou this isn't generally advisable as a lot of the time you'll lose without knowing why due to the finesse armies requiring a high degree of knowledge and skill due to the fact that simple tactics dont work well with them, hence the finesse part.

Empire is my recommendation

maze ironheart
17-06-2007, 12:03
I've finally decided that i want to start playing Warhammer, but I don't have any experience with the rules whatsoever, so I need your help.

I know the BfSP set has a rulebook, but I'm really not interested in the models.

So, overall, which is the best beginners-army ( both cost-wise and rule-wise )?


It really depends what sort of army you want I think the empire is a good army to begin with I should know because I started with the empire when my cousin introduced me to the game and they are a well balanced army to play as.

17-06-2007, 12:17
An army who's miniatures you like is the best starting army. Why? Because being proud of and liking your miniatures can help you pull through periods of constant defeats, when you might abandon an army that you didn't like as much. And fighting a lot of battles, even if you lose, is how you learn the game.

Most army books let you build a somewhat simple and beginner-friendly list, so go for the miniature and background, not the army book.

17-06-2007, 13:01
Choose the army whose background and minitures you like and go with it.

Find someone to help you better understand the tactics involved as you play.

17-06-2007, 14:07
Maybe I could ask better instead:

Which army did you start with and why?

17-06-2007, 14:26
I started with Greenskins, because the models really spoke to me. They are very characterful, allow for lots of very detailed painting and a bunch of different fun ways to put your army together, and just doing things different.

Bretonnian Lord
17-06-2007, 14:32
I'd say choose whatever army that you like the models. No matter what army you decide upon, chances are that you'll be losing most of your first games anyways, and these defeats will help you build your experience with the chosen army that will help you get better. More finesse armies, like Elves for example, will take longer to learn than say the Empire, but I think the most important part is choosing an army based on how you like the models and the feel of the army as a whole.

maze ironheart
17-06-2007, 14:44
Maybe I could ask better instead:

Which army did you start with and why?

I started with the Empire because I fought that they are a good well balanced army to begin with.I depends on what way you would like to play if you want to bash your enemys in combat I would say you should begin with an O&G army.If you want to be able to stand your ground and shoot from a far I would say go with the Dwarfs if you want good combat worriors and ok shooting and able to have a lot of staying power then Lizardmen are good at that.I play as both these armys and they are totally different from one another in they way they play and the rules they have.

17-06-2007, 15:00
Maybe I could ask better instead:

Which army did you start with and why?

I started with goblins, the metal riders/plastic wolves boxed set to be precise. I thought they looked cool, and so I bought them. Simple as that.

Cypher, the Emperor
17-06-2007, 20:06
Hordes Of Chaos

In that Order

As far as cost goes Lizzies are your best bet, but choas is a close second because all of their units are really point heavy. If you dont really like metal models then go with brettonia as most of your army will be plastic (but don't buy the battalion, its pretty terrible). Dwarfs are really versitile and can be a pretty good melee or shooting army and can also handle a mix of both. If you don't mind some sorta ugly models you can buy Battle For Skull Pass and get a god 600 points of dwarfs for 45 bucks, the try trading some goblin player for the dwarfs they go from their set for the goblins you just got and boot yourself to 1200 points. After that, just buy some specialist units (hammerers, longbeards, Slayers, or some artillery) and then go to Battle Wagon Bits and order up some extra battle for skull pass dwarfs (they are REALLY cheap) to pad out the units you already have. If you go that route you can build a 2000 point dwarf army for around $100, and it really don't get much cheaper than that.

The Anarchist
17-06-2007, 20:19
don't look for any particular army you like before you play. go into your local store and play with the standard armies, look at what other people are playing witha nd how they play. talk to players see if theres any army thats realy a good suit to your personality.

the man dosn't choose the army, the army choose's him!

17-06-2007, 21:24
Three things:

1: Choose the army you'd enjoy painting and the look of.

2: Looking for an army for beginners is never a good idea, you will certainly learn how to use any army you create after a while as tactics for a certain army comes with the learning of the game so choose who you like without the thoughts of complications.No army is too hard to learn anyway choose whoever you like best without thinking of easiness to use.

3: Choose an army you like the feel of best, for instance you may like Dark Elves because of there sophisticated calculated evillness, whereas you might want to fight for the good of the human race by commanding the sophisticated armies of the Empire and the Brettonians or you might want to build a WAAAGH! of orcs who just want to get into fights , trolls with no common sense and goblins, of which half of them have eaten a lot of mushrooms (and not regular mushrooms either, I mean mUsHrOoMs).

So choose who you like and not who others say are good, it's your choice.

17-06-2007, 23:06
I started Lizardmen first of all because dinos are cool, and second because I can personally identify with endlessly meditating and pondering over different ways to go at anything before I make any actions. Lizards are also incredibly forgiving with morale (which is oh-so-important in this game), and unless you forsake all the big critters in the entire army, you're not going to have a whole ton of models to paint. And the larger critters sure are fun to paint.

Also, my Tyranid background over in 40k had more than a little to do with my decision. The way the Lizards are designed in both fluff and game mechanics is that the Old Ones / GW have designed specific units for specific tasks, and except for long-ranged missiles, Lizards have it all, just like the bugs. (Empire are a bit reversed. Long-ranged missiles they've got by the truckload, nearly outdoing the Dwarves themselves. However, their Skirmishers (if any exist) are a far cry to Lizardmen Skinks, Chameleons and JSoDs, who are right up there with Wood Elves and Clan Eschen in the sneaky department.)

Lizards aside, I've heard Brets are a very good beginner army. You don't ever have to worry about getting the 1st turn (because you never will), all their Knights have rock-solid armor with ward saves to boot, they have a pretty decent repertoire of War Machines, and they use some of the game's best (and only) Flying Cavalry. I'm thinking of getting Brets as a secondary army to my Lizards. (How ironic then that my primary 40k armies are the alien-engineered Tyranids and the noble Grey Knights...)

17-06-2007, 23:27
id say Vc hands down
removes breaking/running away and all phy.
might not win games. but tis one of the best for learning imo.

18-06-2007, 00:04
Warhammer isnt a game you can pick and switch armies when your mood changes. Its far too expensive and time consuming to paint.

Pick an army that you are genuinely interested in, not one that is easier to play. Youll learn how to play them effectively, and you find more enjoyment painting them.

Also note that there are some scissor/paper/rock armies. So if your group of friends play with the same armies week in/week out then you will find someone constantly beating someone else.

18-06-2007, 00:12
which army did you start with?
I started with Dark Elves.
Because i was told they are not a beginners army nad you have to be a 'good general' to do well with Druchii.

I would recommend starting with what ever army you find most interseting. This could mean fluff, minatures, unit selection, or tactics.
I was most interested in the tactics of Dark Elfs, followed closely by my like for the idea of dark elves even though the fluff is often......

As for new players using Druchii? i highly suggest it. i learned the tactics and nuance's of the game very quickly. The learning curve is steep, and while you may start out loosing battles i believe you will learn how to change things around quicker then most other armies.

Another great benefit of the army is the satisfaction of a close battle. Most of the time DE win my a massacre or loose by one. I keep playing the game for the rare times that doesnt happen.

I rarley get this feeling while playing my TK or while using my opponents armies. My TK simply work or dont. The large majority of the time the work and it is not a fun game for me or my opponent. I just kind of sit back and watch. However, while playing dark elves i feel much more involved, i have many more choices i need to make and all of them important. While i can almost play TK blind, due to how incredibly reliable they are. fielding my DE feels like a struggle from the moment i start placing units, and sometimes when i start placing terrain.

Don't get my wrong about TK i enjoy them as well. They just win in the same way everytime. Unless my opponent can stop it -which just about never happends unless they build a list tailored against it- they roll right over whoever gets in the way

The DE are just very vesitale and fragile allowing come from behind victories based soley an your ability as a general, while at the same time allow your opponent to capitalize on any mistakes you make allowing to them turn the tide. Everybattle is a new challenge i have to adapt and change tactics through the battle, which i believe few armies have to do.

18-06-2007, 00:28
They are very forgiving when your still learning,especially against other new players.
Plus as they are effectively devoid of movement and magic you'll want to get to use it in some way shape or form so will be furthered into the hobby by doing so.

I started with Chaos was they were the cheapest way into the hobby(5th edition 80pt knights,very easy to make a 2k army out of next to no models).

Vile Snotsuckle
18-06-2007, 03:41
I played the Undead like 10 years ago or more. I liked the look of the army. I was diggin the skeletons.

I agree, play an army you're going to enjoy painting and looking at. Choose some sort of theme and stick to it.