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Da Boyzz
17-06-2007, 12:24
I am thinking of starting and finishing with a small 1500pt army or slayers [I will work on them over a while]

Anyway, since i know nothing about dwarves i was wondering if the ideas popping up in my head [the reason i wanna start them] are a) possible b) fun to play with/ non cheesy or anything like that

Ok so i want as many slayers in my list as possible for starters.
I also then want lots of cannon/artillery
and maybe to mix things up, some miners and long beards.

I want it to be a good looking little force white/blue/orange colour scheme, be competitive but still be within the dwarf rules not SoC.

So what do you think? is the idea good? already done? not themed enough/poorly themed.

Screaming Evil
17-06-2007, 13:02
The problem comes that Slayers are a special choice, so you'll need some core choices. And with most of your special choices going to Slayers you'll lose the options for things like Ironbreakers, Hammers and of course artillary.

So yeah i think the theme is cool and could work (personally i love slayers too) but it could be difficult making a good list. Although the fact you're not using the SoC list is cool, i mean people won't scream cheese at you for it for one thing.

Anyway it sounds good but will probably need some work to create a working list.

Da Boyzz
17-06-2007, 13:30
I heard from someone that for every slayer character you get like 3 slayer units as core?

Also just wondering, people talk about organ guns, but i see no model for these? whats the go there lol.

if slayers can only be special then i would go for longbeards/miners [watever is possible] for core, as i really have a disliking for most of the dwarf minis that hold guns for some reason lol.

But yer, artillery is kinda important to me and the list.

17-06-2007, 14:06
You heard wrong on the slayer character rules there. The do something different though. Without slayer characters (that sadly can't be the general) you are stuck with 0-1 slayers. So you will need them.

The organ gun is a alternative assembly possibility of the cannon kit. It should be shown at several points in the army book....not sure what you mean by you don't see them?

longbeards can be core, but they are a limited upgrade to warriors. Miners and all the basic artillery are special as well, so unless you want DOW cannon, the organ gun and flame cannon are it for artillery if you want to max out on slayers.

Does your dislike for gun dwarfs include quarrelers? If yes, then you will be stuck for warriors as core.

It will probably end up looking something like this:

Some non slayer character to lead the army
1-2 slayer characters


1-2 extra slayer units (depending on characters)
maybe a warmaching (if a slot is left)

one rare warmachine of your choice

17-06-2007, 15:37
If you are drawn to the appearance rather than the rules, I would recommend fielding slayers as regular warriors. Slayer pirates could be used as thunderers. For artillery you could use the goblin hewer thing. A unit of REAL slayers (as opposed to "counts as" warriors) would have to be painted a little differently to make them stand out (tatoos etc).

You could probably come up with some cool conversions for special figures to represent options in the army book, like shieldbearers for example. I'd immediately rip Gotrek and the shield from the 30th anniversary White Dwarf figure, chop up another slayer for the extra bearer, and then stick a slayer character on top. It'd be great.


Brother Siccarius
17-06-2007, 18:14
Slayer Army (http://stormofchaos.us.games-workshop.com/book/assets/SoC_slayerarmy.pdf)

17-06-2007, 18:22
Initial post says he doesn't want the storm of chaos list. I used to run a list similar to Ehlijens but with three units of slayers and no special choice warmachines, it's not a bad little list but you are bummed if you come up against anything gun-line orientated/ heavy offensive magic. You are too slow to get to them and engage in combat and have no armour save, the high toughness will help but still with no save they will die quickly.

So in short the Slayer heavy (none soc) dwarf army can be very hit and miss. Saying that I had some of my funnest games using a slayer heavy list and they bring a different way to play an army many people claim to be boring (traditional dwarf armies that is)

Da Boyzz
17-06-2007, 21:48
yes, well i love the models.

But like i said i like the new longbeard models as well, and the miners....

It sounds to me like everything i like is special or rare Lol.

And i dont want to use the slayer army for two reason; 1) it is going to be un playable at tournaments soon and 2) people on the recieving end hate it.