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17-06-2007, 13:24
Well recently i have been buying up quite a bit of the new chaos renegade militia from forgeworld and have built up around 40 troops so far and am currently converting platoon comands and squad leaders out of gun crew and tank crew. I need some help though as i am completly stuck as to what weapons to give them so any ideas?

This one is one of the artilerry crew and will become a platoon comand. Arm ideas?


This one is another though will most likely become a squad leader. Arm ideas?


This one and the next are both veichle crew cut off at the waste then given normal cadian legs these will also be used as squad leaders. arm ideas for the first? and what do you think of the dual pistols for the second?



sphincter man
17-06-2007, 14:57
YAY! I love chaos :D

well for the furst guy. why not use the arm from this:


that'd make him look like he's on the VOX network to someone...

for the guy kneeling down... why not try the arms from the guy on the right in this:


sorry. i cant think of anything for the third. but i'll think and see what i can come up with.

good luck!

make it look like he's on a vox link to someone...

17-06-2007, 15:01
haha atlast someone replied :D

I wondered how long it would take!

hmm for the first one i was thinking actual weapons as he is a platoon comander but i can not decide how to arm him and i like your idea for the second though buying a £20 squad just for some bonoculars (sp?) is a bit pricey ill see what over ones i can find!

sphincter man
17-06-2007, 15:06
yeah i know what you mean. but you can get these things individually on ebay pretty cheap!

also. (for the kneeling guy) you could have like a big gun in his right hand and the other on the head. make it like the biggest gun... that might work.

17-06-2007, 15:21
Hi man,

Glad there's finally someone who starts with a Renegade Militia army, I'll be starting mine after my DG. So your thread will be a great source of inspiration to me.. :) (I also had the idea to use the artillery/tank commander torso's to make them a bit different)

To answer your question;
I'd go for either CCW and Laspistol or Power weapon and laspistol. There are enough CCW's and laspistols in the weapon set so that wouldn't be a problem. For the powerweapons I would cut off the arms or hands from these Cadian Lieutenants (http://img76.imageshack.us/img76/8186/powerweaponsqy4.jpg). I was thinking to use these for my Platoon commands.

Hope this helps, and good luck with the project! :)


sphincter man
17-06-2007, 16:00
now THAT would look cool. they are some really nice blades!

Rogue Trader
17-06-2007, 16:03
cool, i'll watch this with intrest, i was thinking about getting some renegades, id like to see what you do with them

17-06-2007, 16:04
Ill have a look on ebay after wook tonight for some individual death korps bits

Wow i really like the power fists, they are really different from the marine ones, i never really noticed them before! im gonna have a look round and see what other ccw and power weapons i can find tonight.

Heres some more pics just wip hellhound and a couple of the completed renegades



17-06-2007, 16:05
man those are some nice renegades. i'll have to get back to working on mine.

sphincter man
17-06-2007, 18:18
man they look sweet! keep us informed!

17-06-2007, 22:06
Just thought I would update now I have had chance to take a couple more photos. These are just basic troops at the moment I havenít built any special or heavy weapons as I don't know what special weapons to give them and i am not sure if forgeworld plan to release any heavy weapons so I will wait and see.

Also does anyone know how to check if you managed to get all the mold release agent off forge world models as some of mine still seem a little shiny.

Cheers for the support everyone hopefully get some more built tomorrow or even start to paint some!





Green Grot
17-06-2007, 23:32
I remove the mold release with white spirit, the shineyness doesn't matter it's just the surface of the resin.

Nice to see some Renegade Militia, I plan on doing a similar thing for officers(using the artillery crew).

Have you got an army list? I'm interested in seeing what othe people will be taking in their armies.

sphincter man
17-06-2007, 23:53
well give one of your guys a lick of paint on the leg or something. if it's really easy to scratch off. keep cleaniong :P

just soak them in warm, soapy water and use a toothbrush to really scrub them.

18-06-2007, 10:14
Looks great!

Do you have any idea's for the colour scheme? I was thinking to do it like the Vraksian Militiaman artwork in IA5. Good luck with it!


18-06-2007, 10:17
great great great :D

love the hellhound

cant wait to see them painted

18-06-2007, 15:35
Just a quick update while I eat my lunch which is burning my tongue as I accidentally bought the spicy BBQ sauce rather than the normal one :eek:

anyway back on topic as I was checking my order online with usps for 50 cadian legs from bwbits that I ordered less than a week ago usps told me it hadn't even received it yet from bwbits but then my brother comes in and tells me they arrived this morning and he wouldnít give me them back until I help him wash both platoons of his new Death korps the cheeky b*****d. So not much progress (on my models) today though I have almost finished the hell hound hopefully pics later if I finish it before the gf gets here (she doesn't like sharing attention! :D

So anyway heres a pic of all the legs!


@ green grot, how much do you use and how? at the moment im just using warm soapy water and yeah some of mine are artillery crew though i cant decide what to do with the hunched over one???

@ sphincter man yeah ill give that a try if i ever get all these death korps finished as hes fallen asleep in a chair which leaves me doing them all *sigh*

@ Pfrek, yeah i was thinking of going with just the basic one from the book as my bro has DK and it would makes sense, also they lokk and would fit quite well into a nurgle army without them being obviously nurgle which i like. My other idea was use them as bloodpact and paint them red but after looking back at the background i decided to stay with the original as red guard uniforms look abit silly imo

@ imperial.cog.dean cheers ill post pics as soon as its complete

On a seprate note i think i will be giving my officers the arms off the enforcers when they are released as i want more than just ccw and pistol on them so will have spares from the kit

sphincter man
18-06-2007, 19:37
legslegslegslegslegs :D

keep us posted on progress as much as possible. i dont have a life...

18-06-2007, 20:12
you should see if your brother got the binoculars with his DK and maby u can trade him for them....or just take it.

18-06-2007, 20:31
Looks fantastic so far, I only hope you're going to remove the mould lines from the already-built model's legs

11-07-2007, 15:53
Time for an update at last I think. Itís been a long time with little progress as other work has been busy and if you live in the UK you will know about all the floods and my village was hit by one of these! Not as badly as some but the lower half of the village was flooded.

Anyway here are the updates

Changed both of the squad leader weapons so now they have ccw and plasma pistol.



Also here is a colour test for one of the models


c&c much appreciated.

11-07-2007, 17:20
Heres a second attempt


what do you guys/gals think? any tips?

c&c much appreciated

Colonel Stagler
11-07-2007, 18:46
Nice renegade militia, i would recomend washing the clothes in an ink to give it depth and make it look all mucky and stuff :)
Not enough people are doing renegade armies, they need to be done to counter the massive amounts of krieg armies springing up :)

11-07-2007, 18:48
The brown hood looks very good in combination with the beige uniform. I like it!
What's your plan for the armor plates? Shiny, rusted, dull?

I just wished my militia arms had allready arrived, then I could continue with my IG guys gone bad too...


12-07-2007, 01:21
nice man really like how the hood turned out i was going to do mine that colour but decided to go with a lighter colour the uniform looks nice to keep it up can't wait to see more.

14-07-2007, 22:06
right here is the final clothing scheme i think! what you think?


15-07-2007, 00:16
Those Renigade Models Are Looking Good. The Only Thing I Can Thing Of Is Prehaps Shading The Legs A Bit More. Other Than That It's Looking Fab. Keep Up The Good Work.


15-07-2007, 01:22
nice man looking great.

15-07-2007, 01:39
They are looking good so far. I like the earthy paint tones you've chosen so far.

28-07-2007, 17:20
Just sme updates I took on my phone last night hopefully update again later after work! :D

First off this is my platoon commander


Converted heavy stubber for an infantry squad


28-07-2007, 17:21
Almost finished hellhound (only needs brass and a tiny bit of clening up laeft to do)


And my mortar squads, some just need arms though im sure you already noticed!


Colonel Stagler
28-07-2007, 17:45
Sweet renegades swifty mate, keep modellin!
Stagler out

29-07-2007, 01:02
Cool renegades :D

29-07-2007, 01:39
I'm not usually a big IG fan of any description (loyalist or renagade), but I like how this project is forming up. In addition to the unique infantry, the armour conversions (in particular the Hellhound) look great...

I must admit, seeing others tackle these type of projects keeps me motivated in my own work (or lack thereof!)

Nice work - keep the progress shots coming!

29-07-2007, 07:26
Keep up the good work. Try and make them all slimey.

29-07-2007, 15:53
very cool renegades mate. big fan of the minis but im going to start DKOK before i go traitor so i will keep my eye on this thread. Keep up the good work, the scheme suits them.