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Unseeing Eye
14-08-2005, 01:08
Has anyone else seen this? (http://us.games-workshop.com/news/current/spill1.htm)

If anyone has the magazine, what details does it give? Any screenshots?

14-08-2005, 09:35
Yes I think a link is posted in another thread. From the Video I saw, it looks really awesome,

Also for those intrested, There is a beta version of Warhammer: Total War, or something to that effect.

Just search Rome: Total War Mods

14-08-2005, 10:14
No, it's a full game with an entirely new engine, it's not a Rome mod (thank god, then we'd have terrible AI). In the UK version of PC Gamer it has some shots of High Elves vs Skaven Stormvermin and some Goblins. However there is a Warhammer mod for RTW, but they're using the normal terrible battle system and the skins look horrible.

Also to anybody posting 'news' take into consideration that this is a GW forum, with people who also like video games, if theres news about a GW video game expect it to have already been posted. That goes for any news really, do a forum search before you decide to go "HAY GUYZ THERES NEW NEWS ON THE INTERNET!"

14-08-2005, 18:03
For those of you in the UK, in this months PC gamer there is a 4 page preveiw on it, There are pics of evles, gobos and dwarfs.

They are comparing it to battle for middle earth

14-08-2005, 18:41
And if it is anything like Middle Earth i'll be hugely disappointed.. that game sucked and not even the movie license with all those shiny little movies and pictures could have saved it.

Personally i hope it's as good as Dawn of War.. technically it was very good, had some good features and by now the worst gaps in balancing should be fixed. Although i hope it's not that hyper fast.. i like to have some control and knowlegde what's going on even in big fights.. in DoW it's almost impossible to tell what's going on with all those shots and soldiers flying through the screen. Only after about 50% losses you can try to get a picture who fights whom.

14-08-2005, 19:05
DoW good? impossible to tell what's going on?

Sorry, but I disagree with both points and hope that any future GW game is significantly better. DoW was far too simple to win and I could maintain full control while playing on my laptop with it's 15" screen.

I sincerely hope that DoW (as it is) isn't the basis for future games. While it was quite pretty and the best at translating the *feel* of 40K (so far that's not saying much, Dark Omens anyone?), it failed (IMO) to provide any challenge to the gamer. I know that Marines are supposed to win and be the badasses of the galaxy, but I found it to be a total walk in the park and far too short at that. The skirmish mode against 7 opponents should be difficult, whereas I just find it long, but not challenging. Repeatedly throwing all my Marines into massive battles and not losing a single one doesn't sit well with me.

Personally I think that treating the single player missions as training for multiplayer is a copout (which DoW seemed to do). A non-MMORPG game should provide just as much fun to single player gamers as multiplayers.

While I do look forward to new games set in the GW worlds, I *never* rush to buy them, due to their low quality. Until their quality improves significantly, GW video games are a bargain bin /second hand purchase for me.