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18-06-2007, 00:37
Anyone tried VC/TK with new rules?

When i read the rule about no psych tests during combat i thought this was a huge blow for undead since they have fear from charge, panic from flank etc all going their way.

I dont think I could have won many games without being able to force my opponent to roll as much psych dice as possible.

Hopefully can see a significant drop in troop price come review time.

18-06-2007, 00:39
They still seem about as good as before.
I never got outmanovered by undead troops,so I never faced all the fear/panic stuff you'de get from being in combat.
They dont warrant a price drop as far as Im concerned.

Even a 1pt price drop seems too much,especially on the average skeleton or zombie,as that makes them very cheap indeed.
Consider your getting an extra 3 men per zombie unit and 2 men per skeleton unit.
Which is a lot considering the army as a whole.

18-06-2007, 01:14
I play Vampire Counts, and to be honest, I haven't noticed this to be a problem.

The only thing that I've noticed to be a problem is the insane courage rule. Because, I actually have had that screw me over, where I should auto-break my opponent from winning combat and outnumbering, but they throw snake eyes, and in the next turn, they get their flank charges on me and such, and destroy my units.

I'm not worried about the "immune to psychology when in combat" rule, because as stated, all it does is negate panic tests when being charged on the flank and already engaged in combat. If you are engaged to the front, and get flank charged by even more Undead, you are probably going to end up breaking anyways, regardless, as they will most likely win combat without even dealing a wound.

Unless of course, they roll insane courage... :mad:

18-06-2007, 17:41
Sure VC and TK lose out slightly on the combat psych rules, but gain elsewhere from 7th.

VC find it extremely easy to "crossfire" the enemy by raising small zombie units behind the enemy, and TK remains immune to the nasty new miscast table and power dice pooling.

18-06-2007, 18:52
Be careful of terminology people, don't say that units in combat are "immune to psychology", as they're not, they simply don't take psychology tests (And you'll appreciate the difference if you ever have a banshee lurking around combat)... and "crossfire" is a horrible word to describe the rule, which should be banished fronthis forum (Along with "codex").

Okay I'm done being silly :D

I agree with the others, it's not changed much for me. Personally whenever I've broken an enemy because I forced him to take Panic Test and Fear Test after Panic Test after Fear Test, I've felt bad for it (Especially if was panic due to a tiny unit in the side). To be honest, the new Miscast table that ZomboCom refers to is a bigger blow, which means lots of attempts to cast magic can really cause problems; at the moment I lose about one Necromancer (Of my three level 2 Wizards) to a miscast every three games, but have notoriously bad luck ;)

18-06-2007, 19:43
I play tomb kings and i have found that if im still in combat after my chariot charges, then its been a bad charge. So i normally hope for my opponent to fail the initial fear to need 6's and pray for the chariots to win.

18-06-2007, 20:33
I don't think this is a problem that needs fixing, rather a problem that was fixed. Undead were very powerful in 6th and are still are in 7th, but the panic tests were a killer for most units (I played O+G) and the auto break rule was a pain, which insane courage has improved to a degree.

19-06-2007, 04:36
I always thought that undead should be immune to miscasts.

How in the world does a necromancer manage to raise an army if he blows up ever 2-300pts worth of summoning.

19-06-2007, 05:33
I always thought that undead should be immune to miscasts.

How in the world does a necromancer manage to raise an army if he blows up ever 2-300pts worth of summoning.

I dunno that Undead should be immune to miscasts, but I do think that the overall magic system is a bit flawed.

Unlike any other phase of the game, YOUR magic phase is dictated by how many points of magic defense your opponent takes.

I spend however many points it costs to take a Necrarch Count, and 2 - 3 Necros, and possibly a Thrall depending on how many Necros I take.

Yet, all of that is completely nullifed by a decent amount of dispel dice and a couple scolls.

It makes it really hard for me to play my Undead army when the entire point of our army is nullified by a rather minimal investment by my opponent.

19-06-2007, 05:35
I always thought that undead should be immune to miscasts.

How in the world does a necromancer manage to raise an army if he blows up ever 2-300pts worth of summoning.

My understanding (possibly misinformed) has always been that outside of battle wizards are able to take their time and take precautions to avoid miscasting. However I would very much like to see the undead general immune to dieing from a miscast. It just seems too harsh that if you roll a miscast and then a double 1 your army can start to disintergrate on turn 1, practically ending the game before a single shot is fired or blow struck.