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18-06-2007, 15:29
I've been playing my undivided beast army, and im growing a bit bored with it. i've read alot of threads concerning swaps to slaanesh, and it seems that almost everyone likes the slaanesh lore.

I myself find it really cool too, but i have a question:

the delectable toture spell, which weapons are used if the character have more a magic weapon - the magic one or the hand weapon? can i choose which?

furthermore, is it reliable enough, and a good idea, to go anything other than magic offensive when playing slaanesh? i dont want 2 lvl 1 shamans, who just carry around scrolls, but 2 lvl 2 shamans who can do some damage, and tactically use the slanneshy lore.

What about beastlords and wargors? how are they supposed to equip them? hust like undivided characters? or do you know some mean combos out there? such a shame that they cant take the pendant of slaanesh .

do anyone use the Whip of Pleasure? it seems nice, if you combine it with a chaos armour for some armour, etc.

i've made up a 2000 point list that i really would like you to comment! critisme is very welcome. Here goes:


Beastlord w/ MoS, Whip of Pleasure, GotG, Chaos Armour = 210 pts
Wargor w/ MoS, BSB, Heavy Armour, The Dark Heart = 134 pts
Bray-Shaman w/ MoS, Lvl 2 upgrade, Braystaff, Skull of Katam = 186 pts
Bray-Shaman w/ MoS, Lvl 2 upgrade, Braystaff, Dispel Scroll = 161 pts

Core Units:

Beastherd w/ 11 Gors, 7 Ungors, FC(beastlord here) = 140 pts
Beastherd w/ 5 Gors, 5 Ungors, Musician(ambush) = 60 pts
Beastherd w/ 5 Gors, 7 Ungors, Musician(ambush) = 60 Pts
6 Warhounds = 36 pts
17 Bestigors w/ MoS, FC, Rapturous Standard(wargor here) = 304 pts
Tuskgor Chariot = 85 pts
Tuskgor Chariot = 85 pts

Special Units:
3 Minotaurs w/ MoS, GW = 198 pts

Rare Units:
4 Dragon Ogres w/ Light Armour, GW = 316
Chaos Giant w/ Mutant Monstrosity = 225 Pts

Total: 2200

as some observing readers MAY have noticed, i am above my 2000 pts allowance, so i would really like some help in reducing the costs of the army back to 2000.

I could remove to slaangors, the gouge-horn, the BSB from the wargor and the skull of katam(for a dispel scroll) for a total of 82 pts.. not much, but it helps.. also, i could remove a dragon ogre and give the beastlord a GW, CoHorns and AoD+MoS instead => about 20 pts above 2000.

Any advice, help, critisme, etc would be very helpful

thanks in advance.. regards Neffy

18-06-2007, 15:40
You get to choose which weapon the opponent has to use when casting the spell, though I'm quite sure it'd have to be the magic one if they had one anyway.

As for the Beastlords equipment, Armour of Damnation and Gaze of the Gods is a nice combo - since you have the mark of slaanesh, you won't be running too much so the Crown of Horns would be a bit of a waste.

Your beast herds are slightly too small in my opinion. They should be more like 8/12 Gor/Ungor.

The Staff of Darkoth and the Goretooth are both really useful for Shamans to use. Darkoth for the movement, and the Goretooth for one of the best Beasts lore spell - as well as hatred!

Can't really comment on the Slaangors myself. I only have experience with Pestigors. But I will say that 17 might be too many. Someone else will probably tell you otherwise and will most likely be correct.

Overall, I'd say to try and beef up the army size if possible.

EDIT - Oh yeh, The Herdstone (http://z2.invisionfree.com/herdstone/) is a dedicated Beasts forum. You might want to take a browse there for advice on your army list aswell.

18-06-2007, 15:56
thank you :) that clears out the spell for me!

the reason to im heading for 2000 pts is that its just what i usually play with friends.. 2500 or 2250 would work too, but we more often get to play 2000 games :)

18-06-2007, 18:59
WOW! the skull of katam, I'm sure thats the first time I've seen it in a list cool, although are you sure a power familiar wouldn't be better?

The army seems a little small, especially the herds as noted. Maybe lose the giant to get back under 2000?

THe dark heart is cool although expensive for 2" unless against ogres for charge range parity. Why not give him the Armour of damnation instead makes him damn hard to hit when they have half WS and saves you another 19 points for bulking up the herds. Especially since he is the BSB and sure to attract attention.

Incidentally your two ambushing herds have different amounts of ungor but cost the same?

You need the staff of darkoth in there somewhere, a steal at 21 points and better than the goretooth in your list because you want as many of those wonderful slaanesh spells as possible.

Beastlord mightbe better off with just a GW/Halberd and it will save a few more points.

I would keep the DO as a unit of 4, with 5 model ranks you can now fit all of them in and they will be a nightmare. On the other hand the minotaurs look a bit like an afterthought-not sure, what did you plan for them? If you keep them maybe drop the mark to eke back a few more points.

Finally on the leaders chaos armour, why not go for the cromson armour of dargan, them gazing at your beastman feels very slaanesh and the cost of the 4+ save is free, whereas for the chaos armour you are paying for it.

Hmm that wasn't very clear. I mean the crimson armour was meant for mortals who already have chaois armour hence the 4+ not being costed. A little extra protection never hurts either.

19-06-2007, 04:13
I've been thinking about doing Slaanesh beasts too. Only I figured that a Great Bray Shaman supported by a BSB might be the way to go since Slaanesh marked units wont be taking any psychology tests, and looking at the Slaanesh lore... the more spells the better. ;)

Have you though about doing that at all?

As far as your list is concerned. My only problem is the chariots, but that is only because of the preponderance of chariot auto-slaying firepower fielded around these parts. Maybe lose those and a dragon ogre to get down to 2k.

19-06-2007, 06:53
no i have, actually not thought of using a GBS, as it would lower my Ld in the army.. of course, with more slaanesh marks, thats not a immense problem.. what about the rest of the characters? would you still field 3 heros when using the GBS? or maybe only 2 shamans?

the thing about slaanesh that i like is the lore, so another question: would it be a bad idea to field a slaanesh shaman in an undivided army? and than another bray shaman with lore of beast/death/shadow...

i've newly begun playing with chariots, and they really kick ass.. :) as i tend never to play against empire or dwarfs (as no one around here plays them) i dont fear cannons, etc

19-06-2007, 15:06
if you are planing on ambushing the two smaller herds you should try and egt some points for a foe render in each, as without it youll be only leadership six when ambushing meaning that it can be very difficult to get them where you want them