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18-06-2007, 18:36
Just asking, but has anyone else found that, even if not new, stores keep asking questions such as "will you come to our beginners evening?", simply because he/she/it hasn't seen you before and/or are young?

Also, have you noticed this sort of prejudice in other stuations?

Just annoyed, and raving, but please answer.

:skull: MutantMaggot

18-06-2007, 18:58
If the staff hasnt seen you before,and your young,they'll assume your a beginner if you dont say anything to prove otherwise to them.

You cant expect them to read minds,they arent superhuman(heck most are barely human)

18-06-2007, 19:16
If the staff hasnt seen you before,and your young,they'll assume your a beginner if you dont say anything to prove otherwise to them.

But I did tell them "no" and that I wasn't a beginner, I had gamed for 2-3 years! -- etc.

:rolleyes: MutantMaggot

18-06-2007, 19:48
I was offered a beginners day last week even though I'm one of the most established regulars of both GWs in Ireland. I don't mind, was just chatting to one of the newer staff on how great it is for the kids, and that I had never got to do one in my 9 years.
As stated, the staff ain't psychic, and beginners days aren't only for totally new people.

18-06-2007, 19:49
The staff at GW Derby actually ask if you play the games before assumign your a beginner.

So none there. :D

DarkLord Of Naggaroth
18-06-2007, 20:30
It's not really that important. they're nice guys that are only trying to help.
just get your 7k army out and then see if they say that to you :D

and I wouldn't call it predudice

19-06-2007, 18:04
and I wouldn't call it predudice

I see your point, but I have to say... I don't call it predudice, I call it prejudice...

20-06-2007, 10:05
A friend of mine gets upset at people treating him like he hasn't played before too. It kinda gets my goad as an ex-staffer when people complain about this attitude. I know the sort of thing that the managerial brass expect - it's considered good initiative if you do this. As someone said, they're not mind readers and they're rarely rude about it.


20-06-2007, 10:49
It isn't bias, it is because they take attendance and report back to GW how many people show up at their events. They don't care if beginners attend the clinics they just want warm bodies so they can say lots of people came.

21-06-2007, 18:33
I've been asked similar questions, and I'm 25. If you are a new face to the staff, they'll either ask you if you want to play, or if you are interested in a beginners' evening. I don't find how you find this prejudice, the younger you are the bigger the chance that you are a beginner. If you are 13 and have a 10 year background of visiting Games Days and know half the GW designer team on a first name basis, then you are very much the exception to the rule. Most young kids who visits the store that they haven't seen are somewhat beginners, or would do well with visiting some beginners' evenings to meet other new kids. Deal with it. Don't play victim.

21-06-2007, 18:42
Deal with it. Don't play victim.

:( Sorry. Don't want to argue further, I've already dug myself a big hole to leap in.:D :p

End of... erm... thread!