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14-08-2005, 15:10
Hopefully i'm in the right part of the forum for that :).

First of all i wanted to ask what kind of heroes you use in a 1000 point game.

Myself i wanted to go for

Wood Elf Noble
euqipment: 2handed sword, light armour, longbow
magical equipment: hail of doom arrow.

the idea behind him with having the hail of doom arrow is that he will acompany the 10-20 man strong glade guard unit with the banner of Aech. The one that lets you shoot allways even when charged within short range.

I saw a glade guard unit allready dish out lots of damage onto the charging unit with (a good role) up to 20 and more strengh 4 hits. That whittles down even Knights on horses.

Alas he still has 20 points over for magic items. Any ideas what i could get him to make him a bit more usefull?


14-08-2005, 15:17
Will he be your only hero at 1000pts?

Dont worry about getting him any other items, magic item allowance is a maximum, it isn't compulsory (or necessarilly a good idea) to use it all. If you really want to use the extra points then i'd suggest the helm of the hunt.

14-08-2005, 15:36
Well i wanted to include another hero in form of a

Spellsinger lvl 2
equipment: Longbow
magical equipment: dispell scroll, dispell scroll (or magical arrows)

i wanted to include at least this mage to be a bit on the better side when it comes to dispell enemy spells and enchantments.

Wood Elfs feel so fragile against other magic lores.


14-08-2005, 20:46
at 1k with only one hero i'd take a Lvl 1 branchwraith
reasonably tough in hth
and a spell caster

Crazy Harborc
15-08-2005, 02:21
fracas........has it right. 1000 point enemy armies aren't too likely to be big on magic. Woodies are expensive, you need duel purpose heros, IMHO.

I do hope you plan to have extra minies, heros etc. and units, so you can vary your armies makeup. Otherwise opponents will "know" in advance "exactly" what to expect you to field.

15-08-2005, 04:33
175 points for a L2 Spellsinger w/ 2 scrolls
140 points for a L1 Branch w/ Spites +dispel

The singer is very nice, but yah its hard to get them into a unit, and u have to spend 50 points on the branch for just 1 level. Plus u can just dump the Branch in dryads, which im sure 95% of people will be using.

As Far as the noble is concerned. Try making him an Alter Kindred and giving him an Amber Amulet, Great Weapon, and Briarsheath if you want to run Calvalry, if not Briarsheath and the Bow of Loren and keep him parked in the woods. 5 ranged attacks per turn from him and enemy will get -3 to shoot at you (-1 from single model, -2 in woods, -1 out of woods; so -2 if you're cruising around with your badass M9, A5)

15-08-2005, 14:24
Some good ideas *nods* thanks for that :)

Btw...the noble as an alter noble would only have 4 shots 3A+1 for Alter Kindred.

I have to think about that :) otherwise i think going with 2 heroes max for 1000 points is ok i think.

Again thanks for the info i'll try some out in the next battle :)

@Crazy Harboc: Yes i have lots of Miniatures, Hero and Unit Wise...some conversions comming up also. SO that i allways have a mix and people cant predict what i will be using.


17-08-2005, 03:28
yah 4 attacks sorry I was thinking highborn.